maandag 26 december 2011

Sketch #188

Just a real quick post for the new awesome Creative Scrappers sketch. One day to late.. but had no acces to a computer yesterday since it is Christmas.

Take a look at the blog for what all the other members made.. they are just awesome !!!!

Here is my take :

Most of the team members did Christmas layouts.. but I did not.. I am just not a picture taker at Christmas...

woensdag 21 december 2011

Grrr....................and more

I don't know what I do wrong.. but somehow my blogtitle does not get another color.. and the name won't come in the middle of the banner.. if there is someone who can help me... it is soooo welcome. I am really not good at these kind of things.. as long as it is easy.... I can do it.. but when it gets deeper.. I really have no clue. I try to.. but it just isn't my thingie ! Well.. cannot be good at everything right :))

Did some scrappin'again. I really love to do summer pictures when the weather is rainny. It makes me wanna go back to summer again.. although I really like wintertime. But overhere it is only raining.. and now snow at all... hopefully we will get some this year Or next year.. because.. white Christmas is not going to happen overhere anymore !!

Here it is.. my scrap this time ! Used Amy Tangerine.. just love that !! So joyfull !

Christmas is standing right before.. and I am really busy. Short after Christmas it is Fabian's birthday.. so a lot to do. But hey.. it is nice !! We all are off next week ( just work on Friday) and we will relax a lot together. So nice to be together and relax some days.

donderdag 15 december 2011


Somehow lately I have not been to much scrapping. Ofcourse I make the sketches for Creative Scrappers which I enjoy very much.. but that seems almost all. THere is alot to do these days.. and days fly by so quick.
A teacher at school is leaving and I am organising things for her present.. which takes me more time than expected since not everyone delivers on the deadline. We only miss three.. which of one I know they have more important things on their head... so .. don't think that will come.. and I won't ask for it.

Now I am looking how to do it. My friend Marian give me a good idea.. which I will do.. Thx Marian.. that really save me a lot of time !!! But still.. ofcourse.. I want it to look good. When it is finished.. I will show for sure !

This layout I made some time ago. The pic is from 2010 in the middle of the year or so. Still love these fotos. He was so cute that day.. ahahahah ( don't everyone say that about their on child !)

Christmas decorations are on.. and I really love this time of year. All those lights that are in the house.. candles buring.. cold outside.. enjoying a hot cup of tea.. enjoying eachothers company. Yeah.. winter is for sure my season !!!! So now all we miss is some snow. Maybe we will have some this year. We will see.
Christmascards are coming in.. and I still have to write them.. maybe tommorrow night. It is not my fave work.. although I really like getting them :))

zondag 11 december 2011

Creative Scrappers day again

Today is reveal day again. This sketch was really fun to make. Something different.. and I enjoyed it very much ! Here is sketch #186.

This is my take on it :

I really hope you will all join us. It is so nice to make these !! And you can always win nice things if you join !! So... winter is here.. time to scrap Creative Scrappers !!!

zondag 4 december 2011

Workshop .....

This layout I made with a workshop I followed at the 2 frollein. It was really nice to follow this workshop. Althought I know a lot already.. somehow they make it fun to follow. Till now there was just no time to make them.. but I put everything on my pc and than I can make it now. This was about two colours that do not seem to match. ... although I think green and blue go great together !
It is so fun these workshop two weeks the organize.. so take a look on their blog.. and maybe you can follow one too.. but it is in german.. so german skills are necessary.

Today is Sinterklaas here in Holland.. officaly it is tommorrow.. but he will bring his presents here today. It is a real dutch tradition for childeren.. and it's so nice. Fabian still really believe in Sinterklaas.. so he is soooo excited. Later my parents and uncle will come here to celebrate.. so it will be nice !

vrijdag 2 december 2011

Familie fotoshoot

Two weeks ago we had a family fotoshoot. My dad really wanted to have some pictures of the 5 of us. Since we never had them. Now that he has been really sick he realized he really wanted this !
We had fotos of Fabian taken last year by a girl my dad knew from his rehab last year. She really makes very nice piccies. So we asked her if she could make fotos of us. She said yes.. and it took awhile before we could make fotos. Once it was cancelled because of rain.. than my dad became his new hip..and so on.. but two weeks ago on saturday it finally was the day ! The sun was shinning and we were really lucky.. because the last two saturday's were really bad.

I wil show you one foto of us.. the files are so large that I would have to compress them to show.. and since I am not so handy.. I will only show one.

It is so nice to have these.. so you will see them come by on a scrap.

Nothing scrappy to show today. The weather was so dark that the foto's I took really turned out bad. And I cannot show them. So when it is a bit better.. will make foto's. The deadline for Creative Scrappers is coming up also. Have the layout ready.. but not a good foto of it yet. So hopefully I can make that today !

zondag 27 november 2011

Creative Scrappers #184 reveal

Today it is reveal day again !! Sketch #184 is online now ! Loved this one.. and am sure I am goin' to use it again !

This is this weeks sketch ! What you say about that. I really hope you all gonna join us. That woudl be so very nice :))

Here is what I made of it this time.

Just loved it and could have made some more of it. No problem... so I will make one more with this.

Last week I have been busy preparing project life for 2012. I really got infected. I have seen so much great inspiration online. It is just to bad that the stuff of becky isn't in Europe. Really hope it will get here real soon. But I have some protectors that are also very nice. So started it with them. So let 2012 begin ! I am ready :):)

maandag 21 november 2011

Online Workshop

It has been awhile.. did some scrapping ofcourse.. but just did not have the time to take pictures. I was dark when I got back from work.. and than you just don't get the best pictures.. so this weekend.. I finally took some pictures. Not that the weather is that great. It looks foggy all day.. it just doesn't get real sunny or light.. :((

The last two weeks I did a great online workshop again. Real nice. I already knew a lot of what was thought.. but that did not matter. The sketches and ideas were really nice.. and that was the most important.

This is the first layout I made.. there is another but I did not finish that yet.. and two were not made yet.. but I have the sketches and still can go in the classroom untill the end of November.. so I will be sure to make them.

Now I am also starting up Project Life for 2012. I just fell in love with the idea.. and a group of dutch scrappers are starting all in january.. and I decided to join. I already got the album and some protectors.. so I have some basics already.. decorating a bit already.. so probably in the next days I will have something to show.

zondag 13 november 2011

My first reveal !!!

Today is my first reveal at Creative Scrappers !! I really loved this sketch so I was ready sooo quick !!

Here is the sketch for this week :

How lovely is that.. isn't it !!

This is what I made of it :

These photos of Fabian are made this summer when we were on holiday in Austria ! He really wanted to sit there.. and said to us.. this is not only for girls.. I can also sit there. That was sooo sweet !!
Enjoy the reveal.. take a look what the other girls made with this sketch and we would really love it if you take part in this one !!

vrijdag 4 november 2011

Great day.....

Yesterday I had a great day with my mum, aunts and cousin. We went to a great hobby fair. They show a lot of hobbies.. and ofcourse there is also scrapbooking to show. Not as much as other years I had the feeling. But than on the other side.. my aunts are really in to cardmaking in 3D ( really yuk for me) so it turned out they stoot still at every thing that had 3D and went walking when my mum and I wanted to watch scrapbooking stuff. NOt real nice.. so I am convinced there was more but at a certain time my mum and I just didn't want to ask if they could stop.

Still I bought a little bit of stuff. Made our distress ink collection complete !!! Oh yeah.. we have them all now. Really great !! Bought some nice Snowfall papers from Bo Bunny.. and that was it.. sooo not much at all. Must say.. these days you can find so many things online.. that this shopping is not necessary anymore. A lot of the stores did not have what I wanted.. so will do some online shopping again. And if they had it.. it was a lot more expensive than online.. so why buy it there. I can buy more for the same money online.
But all in all.. it really was a fun day !!

Ofcourse I also have some scrapping to show. This layout I made a while ago for a secret scraplift.. have no clue if it is finished yet.. but since it is sooo long ago, I thought I just will show it. This picture is made in the Stuttgarter Zoo Wilhelma. Just the most beautifull Zoo I ever seen.. with a lot of nice old details. So when we are visiting Jürgens parents we normally go there. Fabian is showing here how big he is !!

As you all might know.. I am following the 2 Frollein.. I love their work.. and they are giving another workshop round. So I am in again. They made a great inspiration book.. and for me that was the thing I had to see to get started with something like that. So I did.. when I am on a roll furter.. will show some piccies. NOw they made this great layout with colors.. My hands are maybe today I can make something with that.

And than this sunday.. the first layouts of the new CT team of Creative Scrappers will go online. Really looking forward to that. For mine you have to wait a week longer. But this team is also very great !!!

woensdag 2 november 2011


Look at this.. our little guy during the summer holiday.. he felt like a little raisin he said ( mama ik lijk wel op een rozijntje)
So... another scrap with his chickenpocks.. he looked sooo cute !!!
Got no title.. just did not now what to do with it.. so.. just one with no title.

maandag 31 oktober 2011


I was away for to long from my blog. But I was incredable busy at home.. and I was just being happy to be a part of the Creative Scrappers team.. so was making my sketches... so you have to wait a little bit long to see the result on the blog.

Last saturday we went furniture shopping. Normally I really like it.. but since Jürgen is no fan of it.. well you can imagine how it goes than. Hubby walking like crazy through the store, telling me he likes nothing he sees.. and me.. wanting to sit down in some chairs... Still.. we haven't found a new chair for our livingroom. This saturday the shopping story will continue. Hope we will find something real quick !! Something we both will like.

We did buy Fabian a new bed. He still has a "little" bed like 120 cm long.. and it is becoming to short. So I saw this great high bed from him. Jürgen ofcourse had to see it. He liked it also.. so.. we bought. Next week it will be in our home and it can start... building up and breaking down. He is already very thrilled that he will become a new bed. With stairs.. that is the ulimate thing for him.

Of course I have done some scrappin' too. Some I cannot show yet.. but this one I can. The cherry earrings from Fabian and his grandpa. Fooling around those too.

I used a Creative Scrappers sketch for this one.. but don't know which one anymore :(

Have a nice monday !!!

zaterdag 22 oktober 2011


Just before I went on holiday I got this great mail from Kristine from Creative Scrappers. As you all could read in my last post I just tried again to get in... third time.. and YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got in !!!!

The group is really talented and it will be such an honor and pleasure to work with the sketches !

This is the team for this term :

Please let me introduce you to our new team members!

Welcome to CS ladies!

Janna Werner - Germany
Brenna Smith - Canada
Fiona Kenward - Australia
Ana Castro - Brazil
Hilde Aaslund - Norway

Ulrika Blomfelt - Sweden
Kerryn Lawson - Australia
Myriam Mantion-Ginel - France
Daniela de Sá - Brazil
Solange Marques - Brazil

Marielle LeBlanc - Canada
Marie-Anne Kimpton - Canada
Katarzyna Grzegorzewska - Poland
Mariska Walter - Netherlands THAT IS MEEEEEE !!!
Natasha Naranjo Aguirre - USA

Amelia Khalik - Malaysia
Felicitas Klink - Germany
Marianne Sjoberg - Norway
Marina Yazawa (Kanga) - Japan
Marie Johansson - Sweden

I am so happy to be part of it.. I am sure they will all provide you with beautifull work and sketches.. please take part in the sketches.

Since I was on holiday last week.. no scrappin' at all for me. This time I did not bring any scrapstuff with me. Just enjoyed walking throught beautifull towns.. watching some culture and doing some photography ! Always nice to do these things.
But I am also glad to be home again, just with the three of us. Glad tommorrow is sunday and we have a day for the three of us to enjoy and relax.

woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Keep on trying

I saw the creative team call on Creative Scrappers again.. just in time.. so I thought.. I just keep on trying.. who knows maybe some day I will be the lucky one !! You never know.
Recently I made some of their sketches again.. so... here is what I send in...

For this layout I used their sketch #173.. that was soo nice for these photos.

Than I used sketch # 174 for the next one.. just adjusted it a bit because of the amount of photos.. but hey it is a sketch !!!

Sooo cute how Fabian was in the courousel !! He just love those things.. and cannot get enought of it.

And the last one I send in was a real winter pic from almost two years ago when Fabian went on a little holiday with my parents. You can tell it is really cold !

Live is goin'good these days.. which makes me very happy !! I want it to stay this way. I have enough the last 1,5 years..

maandag 3 oktober 2011

Way to long

It has been way to long since I last blogged. Somehow I did not came to it. Every time I thought let's blog there was something else coming up.

I did scrap in the meantime.. but from most things I have to take pictures... but here is one from two weeks ago or so.

It is a photo of my uncle and Fabian. Those two are real buddies. Here Fabian let my uncle feel how cold his cheek was from the icecream he eat.. such a funny couple sometimes.

Furter.. everything is finally going good overhere again. After a hard one and half years.. we are getting back on track. Sometimes I have nightmares of everything that has happened.. but that is getting less thank heaven.
Will blog again soon with more !!

woensdag 14 september 2011

Totally cool

You all know I am doing a online workshop. Did one in the summer that really was a big flop for me. So I hesitated to do this one. But I am sooo glad I did. Normally I would not have made this kind of Layouts. To much whitespace for me. But I like it a lot. I see and learned things I would have never trusted myself to do so.
Still have one more workshop to make.. and that again is a real nice sketch. The technique that is in there I already knew.. but hey.. that is not to bad. Saw some things that brought me to new ideas and that is why I am doing it.

Tomorrow there where will be more info about the next workshop. And I really think about doing that again ! It is sooo nice !

vrijdag 9 september 2011

Germany scrapps

There is a german online workshop goin' on.. and since I like Felicitas and Janna and really want them to have sucess I signed up. Really was sooo excited to see what they came up with. And I can tell you.. it is great !! It is a basic workshop but I still see things that I learn !

First theme was how you make a layout and the basics.. and a great sketch with it. This is what I came up with :

The second theme was about placing photos and how to use it. Always good to see how others think of that.. and I also saw some nice new things ! You can always learn from eachother. And ofcourse a great sketch again !!! This my take on that one :

There are still two more to go with two sketches.. I am sooo curious what they made of that... so ... next week.. some more about Deutschland Scrappt !!!

maandag 5 september 2011

Found a sketch.......

A couple of days ago I found this great sketch somewhere.. really don't know where I found it. And just loved it. So went to the the table and started.. I came out so easily. Sometimes you have that. Just go with the flow. Used some paper from MME ( think it is called Lime Twist)
They fitted so perfect with this picture. I had to scrap it because Fabian was really looking spotted.. He had no pain it was just a bit itchy every now and than. But hey.. that is only normal.
Love the way it looks ! Just keep looking at it.

Today I found some yummie washi tapes on my desk here at work. I ordered them and to save shipping my colleague picked them up for me. I cannot wait to start working with them.

I will not be online a lot from Wednesday I guess.. because it is hospitaltime for my dad again. He is getting his second new hip and we will visit him almost every night I guess for a week. So there won't be much time for blogging and scrapping. As long as everything goes well I really don't mind.

vrijdag 2 september 2011

Did scrapping but took no pictures

Lately I did some scrappin'but did not made any pictures yet. It was raining all the time here in Holland so I have to wait. Today the sun is shining again finally.. so I will make some piccies later of what I have made.

At the moment I am thinking about making a little mini about the month of September. I saw some great mini's on blogs.. and since mini's is not so my thing I have to get a lot of inspiration to make them. I really want to give it a try.. because it looks so cool with everybody else. No a nice theme.. and thought I would make it about the things in September.. things we do.. we buy.. we eat.. etc etc. That should be fun. Because a lot of you are doing that. So I will start making pictures and collecting.. and than start making a mini !!

Ofcourse there is still someting to show.

this one is made again with a Creative Scrappers sketch.. think it is number 171. I am on a roll when it comes to their sketches.. finally.

So off to eat something.

zondag 28 augustus 2011

Quick summer lo

I came on the October Afternoon blog and saw this great sketch. Real easy but I like the way it turned out. Just lovely.

Next week the online classes of Deutschland Scrappt are starting.. really cannot wait to see what the girls made of it.
I expect more than the SummerCamp brought me.. it was not what I expected and costed waaaay more. So let's see next week.

woensdag 17 augustus 2011


As you know I just loooove the sketches of Creative Scrappers. Also tried two times to get in the team.. but unfortunately did not make it. But that does not mean I will give it up :))
This sketch (sketch 167) I also loved but took me a bit longer to make it ! I just could not decide what foto's to use for it.
Finally I found some old piccies of my dad and decided I would use those !

Although they are old piccies I decided not to scrap them in vintage colors but in yellow and green, because I liked it so much ! Think it turned out nice ! Just love this one myself ! :)

There are more sketches of Creative Scrappers comin' finally get to it to make them.

maandag 15 augustus 2011

Creative Scrappers sketch

Yesterday the new sketch of Creative Scrappers came online. Just loved it right away and had to make it also yesterday. Just got some new papers from Authentique that were perfect for some winter piccies.

I also used a technique that I learned or saw at the SummerCamp of Celine Navarro. ( as shame.. but it is the first thing I used)
The piccies is more than a year old but this just fitted so great !!!

dinsdag 9 augustus 2011


I still have so many photo's of our holiday from last year.. that I started scrapping them finally when we were on away. It is just so relaxing to do that.

These photo's where also made last year. It was so sweet to see him sit there. Just exploring everything that was there.

I used some yummie October Afternoon Rocket Age. That is such great boys paper. You got a love it.

Lately two ladies from Germany are really inspiring me. They are nice and really are making such great stuff. They also are planning something. Don't know what yet but at August 15th I will know more. Hope Holland kann also join, because it is called "Deutschland scrappt"( germany scrapps) Janna Werner and Felicitas Klink they are such creative girls. So let's do it girls.. just like you very much.

zondag 7 augustus 2011

Quick layout show

This picture was made two years ago when we were on holiday in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. Since we were going there this year too I had the idea to make the same picture to see how much Fabian has grown. But bad luck.. when we went there he already had his cast and there were a lot of people wanting to get in to listen. So.. no picture. He could not sit in this time. So instead of a double lo it became a single one.

dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

Back from holiday

Soooo time flies when you are having fun. We had 3,5 weeks off from work and now my first working day is behind me already again. When you are off the days are even going faster I believe.. but think everyone has that same feeling.

Our holiday was great. We went to Austria and that was awesome. The first 1,5 weeks the weather was really nice and sunny, so we spent a lot of time outside. And that was really lovely because back home it rained during that time. So we were glad to be there. Did some relaxing, went to a show with predatory birds .. and than was really awesome.

We also went on a boattrip on the Wörtersee. Fabian really wished for that so we did it. It was a very long trip but he was happy afterwards. So than it is fine.

The last week the weather wasn't that great. We had two days of rain and it was very cold. Only 15 degrees Celcius. So really not warm. We even had to wear sweaters. And that is not what you want when you go on holiday. Than on Monday before we went home Fabian hurt himself and has a tear in his bone of his foot. So he has a cast now around his leg. Tommorrow we will go to the hospital here and hope he may walk again. That would be so nice. He is real heavy to carry.

And ofcourse I did some scrapping when I was on holiday. It is just so relaxing.. hahaha
Made a sketch of Creative Scrappers.. this one :

And this is what I made of it :

One other nice thing to mention. Before we went on holiday I went to Scrapbooking Stuttgart where Felicitas was giving a workshop and we got to meet. It was soo nice to meet her in real life.. although it was very short. I think we got along and it would be nice to meet her again when I am there again.

zaterdag 9 juli 2011

Scraplift at german messageboard

Not to long ago I joined a german messageboard to meet german scrappers since I am married to a german guy. I spend a lot of time in Germany to visit family of my DH there.. and it would be so nice to meet some of them. So I joined. Really like it there.
They organized a scraplift and since I love that I joined.
THis is what I made of it.

Just love this picture. It is made at the place we always do our holiday. Just heaven there !!

Today I am going to meet Felicitas Klink. She is giving a workshop and I will drop by. Am excited and a bit nervous.. but it will be ok.

dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Sketch Crate Paper

It was just last week when I saw a sketch of Crate Paper on Facebook. I just likes it very much and decided to get the Toy Boy collection of Crate.. and create this sketch !! Sometimes it is just right !

maandag 27 juni 2011

Playing around

Lately I play a lot with paint, distress inkt, glimmermist.. It is just so much fun.
Also this time. Used green glimmer, victorian velvet distress inkt.. and pumic stone distress to stamp with.. I just looove it. Some Echo Park paper with it.. and viola ...

My dad made this picture when he was goin' to get some strawberries.. don't know what blossom it is.. I believe it is apple.. but it could be cherry as well. But I love the colors. It is just soo beautifull....

maandag 20 juni 2011


You all know the movie Cars from Disney I think.. not long from now part 2 will come out.. and you are already guessing.. our little man really wants to go there.
So granddad promised to go there with him. He is asking everytime he sees my dad when they will go. It will appear in the movietheather on July 6th. So he will have to wait a little bit longer....

He really is a huge fan of those little ( pretty expensive) cars. But I got him a lot of second hand good looking cars. ( He also has new ones) Everytime he gets some money he saved it.. and when he has enough money.. he buys one. Sooo really a huge fan.

Here he was playing ( as so often) on the ground with his cars. Just could not do without a Lo of that.....

So as so many boys of his age. He loves Cars !!

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Glad to have peace and quiet again

Finally our bathroom is ready !! No more working man in my house.. just peace and quiet again. I could not be more happier than I am now. It is sooooo beautifull !! It is fun to get in the shower again. Before we just had an awfull bathroom.. full of dirt that did not want to dissapear anymore when I cleaned. Now everything is so clean and white. Just love it.
Have to put in some details.. like the lamp and some accesoires.. .but did not find anything yet that I really liked.. so next week I will look again. Somewhere they will have something in apple green or aqua. Just have to search. Just want some bright colors there.. love that.

Ofcourse I could not clean that much when they were busy.. so what do you do when you have free time....... Right some more scrappin'.
This photo of Fabian is made on the opening of the schoolyear. They have a party called "Zomerfeest" and there is always something nice to do. So he climbed the stuff he never can climb on during schooltime because it is for the older kids.. He just loved it. "Look mummy.. I am strong", he yelled just before I took this picture..... Oh mannn.. do I love this little guy.

The rest of my life really is quiet.. and I like it...

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Selfmade background

Since I saw the DIY tutorial at the blog of Felicitas.. I just love making my own background every now and than. For this picture I just could not find the right paterned paper.. so I thougt I would make it myself.
Got my glimmermist.. my distressinkt and some acrylpaint.. and just started !!! Took some stamps from the lovely Tim Holtz and got some bubblewrappapper..

This is the result.. I was really messed up afterwards.. but it was sooo fun to do. There probably will follow more.. see that I get some more glimmer since my collection is not that big. I just want to practice more.. and experiment some more.. just love this.

Our bathroom is also almost finished.. just wanted to show you a sneak of it. I am really pleased with the result !!

Cannot take a shower tonight because of the wall that has been placed.. but tommorrow morning I will hit that shower for sure. Looking forward to shower at home again. it will be sooo very nice.
It is has been four weeks that I could hit the shower at home !! Friday it will be finished completely with heating in it. That will be so nice in the winter.. no more cold showers... ohhhhh looking forward to that also !!!

vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Made two challenges

Sometimes I really love challenges.. I need it..

This one I made for a challenge at a messageboard I joined not so long ago. They wanted to blow in some new life.. so did a two weekly challenge. This one was.. use a photo with grass on it and also add some extra green. Than I found some old holiday piccies.. and decided these would go well with this challenge. Love they way it turned out.

Than there was a challenge at the scrapdelight blog. This is the sketch..

Just loved it.. so I thought.. let's make it.. and make a kind of spread with the other one.. because the photo's are from the same holiday on the same day. I really enjoyed making it. You could see I am on a roll again.

Here is the pic of the layout..........

For our bathroom.. it finally is getting somewhere.. it is not finished yet.. but we can shower on Sunday.. after more than three weeks.. that is sooo nice. Hopefully they will finish on Tuesday. Than I finally have my house back and clean all the mess. Please keep your fingers crossed.

maandag 6 juni 2011

Tired and wishing it was ready

Since three weeks our bathroom is being renovated. It really is a very small bathroom but somehow it doesn't seem to progress. Just last week when I came home from work ( I went home early somehow) the builder told me we had to little tiles... arrrggggggg... another reason not to get any further. So on Friday hubby and I went to the shop where we bought our tiles to see if they still had some. Lucikly they had.. but the ones from the floor had to be ordered. This wednesday they will come in I hope !!!
So this morning is was waiting for the builder to come.. and he called.. no today there is a problem somewhere else.. they will start again tomorrow. I am just to kind to say.. no... not somewhere else.. at our place. Sooo more delay. I really hope that it will be done at the end of this week. My house looks like a mess all the time.. and showering somewhere else all the time isn't nice either !!

Because of all this I don't seem to get any rest. I keep cleaning ( although it is dirty half an hour later) and mentally I am just tired of everything.

To relax I made this layout last week. The pictures where made in the Zoo in Stuttgart Germany last summer. We had a blast the three of us. It is such a nice Zoo..

vrijdag 3 juni 2011

A bit late.. but it is the last challenge

As you might have noticed we haven't received many entries for Scrappassion last month. It seems that the interest to participate in the Scrappassion blogs isn't there anymore. Combine the lack of interest with some personal things Ria - the founder of the blogs - is dealing with and we can only come to one conclusion: Scrappassion will end on June 30, 2011.

It is a real pitty.. the last three years I really had a blast over there.. but some things just come to an end. Thank you everybody for joying us.. and thanks to all the wonderfull members of the blog.. I really like you all and hope we will see eachother in the future again.

This is my last take for the blog. Please look on Scrappassion for the challenge since I did not saved the picture for inspiration :(

It was fun to be a part of the team.. and now that this door closes.. I hope somewhere there will open an other one for me. That would be so nice. We will see.

vrijdag 27 mei 2011


On a messageboard I am at we had a secret scraplift !! I just loove to do this. It so nice to see what comes out of these things. This time they all were so very different. Fun to see. We have vintage scrappers among us that look trough very different but beautifull eyes. I tried to do a little vintage in my own way. And liked what came out of it.

This picture was taken last year on holiday. It is my uncle with our son. Fabian really copies things from my uncle and it was so sweet to see how they are walking together both with their hands on their back. My uncle always walks this way.. and Fabian just copied him. They are such a cute couple together.

My life these days are not very intresting... Our bathroom is being renovated so the mess in my house is just unbelievable. It is hard for me not to clean all the time. Today we won't have anybody in our home because the walls have to dry. Can hardly wait till the put the tiles on and it is finished.
Have a good weekend all !! Talk to you soon !!!

vrijdag 20 mei 2011

One I send in

As you could read in my last post I am trying to get in the Creative Scrappers CT team.. Since I love there sketches...
But I also send an Lo in that was not based on one of their sketches since I tought I could show something different also.

This picture was made when we were on a short holiday last year during Fall. It turned out sooo gorgeous.. but I did not had the inspiration or paper to do something nice with it till now. I bought this paper for the configurationbox I am making.. and this was left. So I grabbed and put this photo on and just loved it. It is kind of vintage.. and I just loooove it !!!!

Next week we will have construction workers in our house.. we are finally getting our new bathroom.. I am so looking forward to finally have it. We are planning this already for a long time. But the constructioncompany did not had time earlier. So let them bring it on.. can hardly wait to finally have a beautifull bathroom although it is very small !! Will show some photos when it is done.

maandag 16 mei 2011

Gonna do it

I saw the design team call of Creative Scrappers.. and I decided to give it a try again.. so I am did my best to make something beautifull..
I know there will be many with me that will try to get on the Creative Team.. but I thought.. if I am not gonna try.. I will never make it. I really like there sketches and love to make them...
So it will be an honour if I will make the team.. not expecting anything.. because I would be to dissapointed if I would not make it.

Here is one layout I send in.. made it this weekend with their sketch #151 That was such a nice one.

This is my little son playing Indiana in the catwalk at school ! It was so nice to see him this way. He was a little shy but hey.. it is strange when many people are looking at you.

maandag 2 mei 2011

Homemade background

When I was blogsurfing at the end of last week I came by this great blog of Felicitas Klink what an incredable talent german scrapper. I was really in love with the DYI she made about creating your own background.. so... I couldn't let it go by and try it ofcourse. Never did it before but she really inspired me.

So after some trying.. I came up with this lo. I really, really love how it came out. I for sure will do it more often.. since I like making this lo so very much. Will keep visiting Felicitas blog from now on.. She really inspired me and seems a very nice lady.