dinsdag 28 februari 2012

Project Life week 5

Another week of project life finished. Since I am so behind.. I work more on it.. but still love it.. so it is no obligation to do so.

This week is all about Fabian his sixt birthday ! How little man grow. Unbelievable he turned six already. People telling you time flies when your baby are born are sooo right. Never thought it would be that way.. but it really is. Those six years went by like nothing at all.

Here is the spread of this week. Yeah.. lot of birthday stuff. Cake.. things he got.. even an birthday card. He got more.. but this one just suited perfect in the pockets of the protector.. and it is even a very nice one.

The whole family had a holiday this week. So we were at home the three of us. So nice to spent a whole week togehter. And got a lot happened. The day after Christmas we got our new chair. Could pick it up.. so.. picture of it in our livingroom.. happy to finally have it. It sits perfect and it matches the couch.. because there was nothing wrong with that.
We also bought our new kitchen. No picture of it ofcourse because it is customized to our needs. The end of April we will finally have our new kitchen. Saving money for it for quit some time.. so we are thrilled we are finally getting it.

This side is only Fabian's birthday. Playing with the Nintendo he got from us. Building with Lego.. which he adores and cannot get enough of it. The Cars2 cake he really wanted... it was a very nice day.

Will have more to show and ready of my project.. but don't want to have to big loads at once.
Trying to pimp my blog.. so if it looks a bit funny now.. yeah.. you are so right.. but am trying.. and if not.. it does not looks that strange.

See you next time.. please leave a comment.. love that.

vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Project Life week 4

Finally I am here again with an update of project life. It took me some time to get in gear again. And now I some weeks to show but will do that in parts. It would be an overload if I do that in one time. Way to heavy on pictures.

This is my week four.. I started at the end of November.. so I am not on the roll of weeks like others. It is the week short before Christmas. And like anyone else.. we never make many pictures with Christmas. Christmas is sitting down with family.. play a game.. have nice conversations.. and forget to make pictures :))

First .. the show of the two sides together :

I used some Simple Stories paper for this week.. nothing for me.. normally I find these really to dark. Am a bright paper liking girl. So this was a challenge for me. But I think I managed really well working with it.

THis is the first page ...

We were busy writing our christmascards.. late as ever. Fabian also wanted to write some for his friends at school. The class gives eachother cards.. and he decided this year he wanted to give all kids a card. So we bought some cards ( not to expensive) to give out. He really enjoyed writing them.
HE also had to made a drawing for the teacher who was leaving the class to study furter. So busy .. for mom but also for Fabian. I made something for the teacher to remember the kids.. they all had to make a drawing and write some things about theirselves. Made a map to put it in .. so she can remember them all.

This details show my DH making raviolli for the first time with a gift he got for Sinterklaas. He really wanted to try it. Kitchen was a mess.. but it worked out.. and it tasted really nice ! Sure he will do this more often. Will buy the stuff for it this weekend.. than he can make some more yummies !!

It was a nice week ... as almost every week overhere. I cannot complain about my/our life. As for project life.. I really enjoy it !! It is so fun. That I am behind.. it is not a problem. Just love it.
Today I got the Clementine Core kit from Becky Higgins.. and some page protectors Desgin A will be on the way soon. Just looooove the kit ! It is so nice. So will use it in the next weeks. Just be patient to see it.. have more weeks without it to show !

maandag 20 februari 2012

Last sketch :((

So this will be the last post for my time of Creative Scrappers ! So sad the term is over already ! Really love being part of the team. The sketches were so nice.. the girls so lovely and Kristine just is awesome. So please keep followin' the Creative Scrappers blog..sure I will do. And make many more of the sketches !

Here is the sketch from this week. Lovely as ever. And really wanted to do something for winter. Just was perfect for it in my opinion.

These are from the winterholiday my parents made with our little son just before dad got really sick. It has taken me a long time to scrap them because it was so difficult to look at. It remembered me of dad lying there fighting for his life. May sound strange but it true. Sometimes those feelings come up again when I see these pictures. It was a real hard time in my life.. but we all survived it.

Project Life is going good. Still a bit behind.. The beginning of January I am doing right now.. the second week. So .. we are getting somewehere. Have to make pictures of the other weeks but the weather was so dark that I really could not get a good shot of them. Hope I can take some this week.

vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Project Life week 3

Finally I have the time to share week three that I have finished awhile ago. Just did not take the time to take photo's because we had such lovely winter weather overhre. There was snow.. and we could go iceskating. Yeaaahhh.. we are dutch we looove iceskating.

The last week there was a lot going on if we could have anohter Elfstedentocht ! Typical dutch skating tour going through 11 little cities in the north and a length of 200 km. Crazy maybe but a great tradition. But Wednesday the word came out. Not enough growth of the ice that let it happen. All of the Netherlands dissapointed.. the last one was in 1997. So 15 years back. Would have been soo nice if it had happened again.

Now to project life again. Week three was again about christmas preps and so on. Jürgen put our Christmas star outside for the rirst time. It was soo nice to see it light in the evening ! Just lovely.

I keep on changing my style.. since I see sooo many nice stuff on the www of all.. and some things I really like a lot.. want to put more in it.. so will see in the coming weeks if I can do that too.. and still like it.

Side one... Hanging out the star... playing wII before dinner.. swimming lessons from Fabian.. just normal stuff for us in a normal week.
WII playing is reallly hot from time to time. Fabian get to play half an hour till an hour if he wants too. If I don't set this timlimited he would be playiing all day long.. should not be ofcourse. Since we have soo many games.. you really can play all day long. Sometimes in the evening have the feeling to play.. and really could play all night long. Love to play Just Dance.. even when I suck on it.. it does not matter.. it is fun !

The other side has a piccie of my workoffice. Around Christmas all the christmas lights are up and we have tons of wrong decorations. That really is so nice.. everything you don't want to have at home..we put on here. The room is lighted only by Christmaslights. Specially early in the morning it is soo nice to see ! So cozy.. and you get a special feeling when you walk in. Always sad when we take off again.

Jürgen building his christmas village is also in there.. He is really passionate about that.. and it always turns out great. You will probably see a piccie of the finished one also.

Will try to make photo's of week 4 and 5 soon.. since I also got them finished already !

zondag 5 februari 2012

Reveal day

Sunday again.. reveal day ! This week I found the sketch really hard.. struggled for the first time ! But it turned out ok !

This is the sketch this week..

And here is what I made of it

Did you hear already that Kristine is almost ready with a great ebook full with sketches... so excited.. a lot of inspiration for all us scrapbookers.. so stay tuned.. here is a sneak peek.

donderdag 2 februari 2012

Project Life week 2

To be honest.. I am really far behind on my project life.. I started already in december.. and just recently made week 3... oops.. But I love it and don't want to give my any pressure. it should be fun.. and it is fun ! Never thought a project like this could give me so much fun and I would take that many photo's of our daily life. Alway said nothing much is happening in our lives but it appears that there is a lot goin'on in my life !

Everything of Fabian is documented and I even keep the silliest things about him. That really is sooo nice. So I will keep going althought I don't know if I will post bravely every week about project life. I want to try to write more on my blog.. more about my life and not just post what I made this time. That is nicer to read for everyone and for myself. More attractive. I loved to write letters.. and they always turned out really long.. so why not tell more about life on my blog.

Now first to the second week of my Project Life. The piccie will be the wrong way around. Don't ask me why it isn't the normal way up, but it seems blogspot doesn't want to place it that way. It is the right way on my computer, so really silly.

This was a pretty boring week.. :)) Did not do very much.. and I really failed to make a lot of colour in it. Really want to change that. Really love the picture of the teabag. I am a very big teafan.. have a lot of flavours and when I saw this, I just knew it was perfect for the project. Than you see my lappie on the couch.. the place where I like to hang out and do some surfing on the net. My hubby cooking dinner every evening. I really want to see if I can change with futher weeks and put something on the photo's too. Make it more mine. Have to get use to it still.

Here is the other side of this week. Fabian sent out his invation for his birthday party. Since he is a very big Cars fan.. he really wanted these. I was glad to get one too and saved it for the project. He was so excited to spread them It was his first one with friends from school.
One that could not fail in here.. is our little rabbit called Hobbel. He is already 9 years old, and that is a huge age for a little rabbit. So he should be in.
Than you also see abit about our christmas deco.. How Fabian helped me. It is hard to read when you are not dutch because journaling in also in Dutch.

I really hope you like my project life. It is real fun. Wanted to score some Becky Higgins products yesterday. But the prices turned out to be so incredable high that I won't do it. It is a real pitty, but the shipping and TAX are out of proportions, so have to find another way to get my hands on it. Grrr.. it not nice because I really want them. Well let see what there will come on my way.
Be back soon with week 3.