maandag 20 februari 2012

Last sketch :((

So this will be the last post for my time of Creative Scrappers ! So sad the term is over already ! Really love being part of the team. The sketches were so nice.. the girls so lovely and Kristine just is awesome. So please keep followin' the Creative Scrappers blog..sure I will do. And make many more of the sketches !

Here is the sketch from this week. Lovely as ever. And really wanted to do something for winter. Just was perfect for it in my opinion.

These are from the winterholiday my parents made with our little son just before dad got really sick. It has taken me a long time to scrap them because it was so difficult to look at. It remembered me of dad lying there fighting for his life. May sound strange but it true. Sometimes those feelings come up again when I see these pictures. It was a real hard time in my life.. but we all survived it.

Project Life is going good. Still a bit behind.. The beginning of January I am doing right now.. the second week. So .. we are getting somewehere. Have to make pictures of the other weeks but the weather was so dark that I really could not get a good shot of them. Hope I can take some this week.

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Tamara zei

Jammer dat weer is afgelopen.. erg leuke layout geworden.. gave sneeuwfoto's.. xx