vrijdag 27 mei 2011


On a messageboard I am at we had a secret scraplift !! I just loove to do this. It so nice to see what comes out of these things. This time they all were so very different. Fun to see. We have vintage scrappers among us that look trough very different but beautifull eyes. I tried to do a little vintage in my own way. And liked what came out of it.

This picture was taken last year on holiday. It is my uncle with our son. Fabian really copies things from my uncle and it was so sweet to see how they are walking together both with their hands on their back. My uncle always walks this way.. and Fabian just copied him. They are such a cute couple together.

My life these days are not very intresting... Our bathroom is being renovated so the mess in my house is just unbelievable. It is hard for me not to clean all the time. Today we won't have anybody in our home because the walls have to dry. Can hardly wait till the put the tiles on and it is finished.
Have a good weekend all !! Talk to you soon !!!

vrijdag 20 mei 2011

One I send in

As you could read in my last post I am trying to get in the Creative Scrappers CT team.. Since I love there sketches...
But I also send an Lo in that was not based on one of their sketches since I tought I could show something different also.

This picture was made when we were on a short holiday last year during Fall. It turned out sooo gorgeous.. but I did not had the inspiration or paper to do something nice with it till now. I bought this paper for the configurationbox I am making.. and this was left. So I grabbed and put this photo on and just loved it. It is kind of vintage.. and I just loooove it !!!!

Next week we will have construction workers in our house.. we are finally getting our new bathroom.. I am so looking forward to finally have it. We are planning this already for a long time. But the constructioncompany did not had time earlier. So let them bring it on.. can hardly wait to finally have a beautifull bathroom although it is very small !! Will show some photos when it is done.

maandag 16 mei 2011

Gonna do it

I saw the design team call of Creative Scrappers.. and I decided to give it a try again.. so I am did my best to make something beautifull..
I know there will be many with me that will try to get on the Creative Team.. but I thought.. if I am not gonna try.. I will never make it. I really like there sketches and love to make them...
So it will be an honour if I will make the team.. not expecting anything.. because I would be to dissapointed if I would not make it.

Here is one layout I send in.. made it this weekend with their sketch #151 That was such a nice one.

This is my little son playing Indiana in the catwalk at school ! It was so nice to see him this way. He was a little shy but hey.. it is strange when many people are looking at you.

maandag 2 mei 2011

Homemade background

When I was blogsurfing at the end of last week I came by this great blog of Felicitas Klink what an incredable talent german scrapper. I was really in love with the DYI she made about creating your own background.. so... I couldn't let it go by and try it ofcourse. Never did it before but she really inspired me.

So after some trying.. I came up with this lo. I really, really love how it came out. I for sure will do it more often.. since I like making this lo so very much. Will keep visiting Felicitas blog from now on.. She really inspired me and seems a very nice lady.

zondag 1 mei 2011

New Month new challenge

This month you need a needle and threat to make some flowers. Real nice flowers.

Take a look at this.. this is the flower that has to be. Take a look on the blog to what all members have made and our guestdesigners.. .. you have untill May 31st to send it to Ria and win a price or become a guestdesigner.

It's best made with some fabric. FOr me it was a bit of a struggle because I am not that good in those things.. but I got one on my lo and I like it.

So here is what I made :