vrijdag 20 mei 2011

One I send in

As you could read in my last post I am trying to get in the Creative Scrappers CT team.. Since I love there sketches...
But I also send an Lo in that was not based on one of their sketches since I tought I could show something different also.

This picture was made when we were on a short holiday last year during Fall. It turned out sooo gorgeous.. but I did not had the inspiration or paper to do something nice with it till now. I bought this paper for the configurationbox I am making.. and this was left. So I grabbed and put this photo on and just loved it. It is kind of vintage.. and I just loooove it !!!!

Next week we will have construction workers in our house.. we are finally getting our new bathroom.. I am so looking forward to finally have it. We are planning this already for a long time. But the constructioncompany did not had time earlier. So let them bring it on.. can hardly wait to finally have a beautifull bathroom although it is very small !! Will show some photos when it is done.

2 opmerkingen:

Marian zei

Deze LO is weer prachtig geworden met al die mooie kleuren!
Ik vind de foto ook zo mooi.


Maja60 zei

Ik was even niet op je blog geweest. Je hebt intussen al weer veel gemaakt zoals deze mooie LO. Goed van je dat je werk ingestuurt hebt naar creative scrappers. Ik ga voor je duimen!