vrijdag 27 mei 2011


On a messageboard I am at we had a secret scraplift !! I just loove to do this. It so nice to see what comes out of these things. This time they all were so very different. Fun to see. We have vintage scrappers among us that look trough very different but beautifull eyes. I tried to do a little vintage in my own way. And liked what came out of it.

This picture was taken last year on holiday. It is my uncle with our son. Fabian really copies things from my uncle and it was so sweet to see how they are walking together both with their hands on their back. My uncle always walks this way.. and Fabian just copied him. They are such a cute couple together.

My life these days are not very intresting... Our bathroom is being renovated so the mess in my house is just unbelievable. It is hard for me not to clean all the time. Today we won't have anybody in our home because the walls have to dry. Can hardly wait till the put the tiles on and it is finished.
Have a good weekend all !! Talk to you soon !!!

3 opmerkingen:

Marga zei

Ik vond het ook heel erg leuk om mee te doen, jouw layout diende als mijn voorbeeld en ik heb er echt veel plezier aan beleefd :)

Felicitas Klink zei

wow, i love how you focused the oicture. you did a great job!!! xo Felicitas

Marian zei

Zo deze LO is ook weer erg mooi geworden zeg! Wat een geweldige foto ook.
Heel mooi!!!

Groetjes, Marian.