maandag 2 mei 2011

Homemade background

When I was blogsurfing at the end of last week I came by this great blog of Felicitas Klink what an incredable talent german scrapper. I was really in love with the DYI she made about creating your own background.. so... I couldn't let it go by and try it ofcourse. Never did it before but she really inspired me.

So after some trying.. I came up with this lo. I really, really love how it came out. I for sure will do it more often.. since I like making this lo so very much. Will keep visiting Felicitas blog from now on.. She really inspired me and seems a very nice lady.

2 opmerkingen:

Marian zei

Deze LO is echt zooooo gaaf geworden. Wat een ispiratie heb je gekregen zeg.
Die tag staat er ook zo mooi bij.
Het is gewoon perfect geworden.

I love it girl!!!


CĂ©line zei

Vind je zelfgemaakt achtergrond echt super geworden!!! Je hebt er een hele leuke layout mee gemaakt!