maandag 11 juni 2012

Getting in the mood again

Lately my scrapmood has been down a bit.. don't know why... wanted to scrap.. but somehow I just could not get anything out of my hands. Real bummer.. sitting behind the table.. and nothing getting down something nice. So I went blogsurfin' and blogsurfin'.... seeing the most beautifull stuff coming by.. and still nothing came out of my hands. This weekend I sat down.. and finally I could create something again that I liked very much !! My mood is back... I am so happy.. cause I missed it so much ! I got some old pictures of me from my parents. My dad scanned them from dia's. ( don't know the english word for it sorry) So it is so nice to have these piccies of myself when I was little ! And instead of doing boys scrap... I did some nice myself girls scrap ! That was nice for a change also. Here I am.. riding my bike.. so cute ! ( I know I should not say that about myself.. ...) I love to do that my mum told me.. so now I know where my son got it from ! He loves riding his bike too. He cannot get enough of it. So cute. Got many more of these old pics.. so they will get by every now and than. Also started catching up with Project life this week. My boys went swimming all day yesterday.. so had a whole day to myself to do some scrappin' and relaxing.. and boy I did. Not that I am very quick in catching up but that does not matter. Liked what I have done so far I must say. I am doing the first full week of April now, so I am really pretty far behind. But I don't want to give up. Just love this project and want to continue. I am writing down everyting and taking piccies. So it will be fine. I am sure of that. So.. will be back soon with some Project life stuff I guess. See you than !!

vrijdag 8 juni 2012

Time to blog again

Lately I just have been to busy to blog. Still with our kitchen.. every evening someone in our house.. than cleaning the next day.. just came to no scrapping at all. Project life is far behind.. the first week of April has to be done.. Will try to catch up this week. Don't want to get to far behind. I still enjoy it.. so will continue to try to catch up ! Just don't want to give up on this project I love sooo very much ! Glad I wrote everything down and stil make photos of all nice things that happen ! So catching up won't be that hard ! Still have some things to show.. Made some layouts.. and stil have not shown in on my blog. Wanna be more active over here again also. want to have more time again to do nice things ! That would be great ! This picture of my son is soooo cute.. He was hot.. so he walked around the house without his sweater.. even though it was very cold outside. He stood next to me.. asking is he could take it off. Before I could say anything he stood there like this. Grabbed my camera.. and took this pic. I love watching at it. There really is nothing much to tell. I am not the most open person on the blog.. I find it hard to share every detail of my life on the www. Love to read everyone's stories.. but find it hard to share mine. I always think my life just is not intresting enough to share. Since I also don't get that many responses on my blog. So maybe some day I can share more.. I don't know. Some I want to.. but have a fear... May sound strange.. but that is the truth. So .. .next time maybe more personal stories... Wanna share a picture of my son's morning routine.. sitting on the couch.. eating his "beschuit" with Nutella... it is the same every morning. This morning I thought.. let's finally make a picture for my project life. It has to be documented. See you all next time.. who ever reads my blog !