dinsdag 7 december 2010

Something old to show

Somehow my inspiration has left the building. Hope it will come back very soon. I just want to scrap.. but nothing right is coming.

Here an old one I did not show yet.

Nothing more to tell.. since not much is happening. I hardly go out of the house at the moment since the streets are like iceskating ways.. blhhh... But hey.. my house is really clean now.. hahahahha

Hope to be back with some more news soon.

woensdag 1 december 2010

New Scrappassion Challenge...

This time in Dutch.. sorry.. is more easy for me.

Nieuwe maand.. nieuwe challenge... en een hele leuke.. maar voor mij oh zo lastige. Ik doe dit bijna nooit.. maar ben er toch in geslaagd !

De challenge is home deco ... dus :

Kijk in je huis wat je hebt staan, liggen, hangen wat eigenlijk niet meer appetijtelijk is maar enorm geschikt om op te pimpen! Het moet home decor zijn, denk aan doosjes, fotolijstjes, oude canvassen, kaarsen, vogelhuisjes....kortom, laat je fantasie de vrije loop. Je bent vrij om het aan te kleden zoals jij wilt, dus niet speciaal voor de kerst, dat MAG wel!
Maak weer 1 goede heldere overzichtsfoto liefst op een witte achtergrond en sla je werk op met je VOOR EN ACHTERNAAM! Stuur dan je werk naar RIA en dan voor 31 December 24.00 uur. Vergeet je ook niet je blogurl erbij te doen in je mailtje?

En dit is wat ik ervan maakte :

Hoop dat jullie hem allemaal leuk vinden en natuurlijk weer massaal mee gaan doen. Wij verheugen ons erop !!!

dinsdag 30 november 2010

Long time

It has been a long time since I last blogged. Somehow it seems all crazy or bad things happen this year.. first my dad.. now that he is going good.. crazy things happen at my hubbies job. People got fired and I am sooo glad he wasn't one that got fired. But still things are crazy over there. Strange things are happening.. and ofcourse I cannot talk about it.. because we are not allowed to. But it drives me crazy. It makes me sad. I can defenately say that 2010 is not our year !

The only thing I want is that things calm down. I want to go back to normal.. and have some peace and quiet. I am tired.. do not have much energy.. going in the survival mode for a long time.. it is time that I get out.. but than when I finally try to... something happens again. Ohhh well.. they always say.. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.. so that will be !!!

Scrapping was not on my mind lately.. but I am getting back because it is so relaxing. I can get my mind straight and think about something else. That is nice for a change.

This picture was made when we were in Germany this summer. We were in a Zoo and there they had this giant trees... He really loved going behind them.. when he came out I made this picture.

So a lot going on.. that needs my time. Hope I can be back soon.

vrijdag 12 november 2010

Quiet in the house

I have the afternoon off.. and it is really quiet in the house. My little son is staying over with his grandpartens for two nights.. he was really looking forward to this. Since my dad was very ill and came home, Fabian wants to stay over there every weekend when it comes to him. Not that it is happening.. but every now and than he may. This morning I asked him.. what are you going to do tonight.. his eyes started glowing and said.. I am going to sleep with oma and opa tonight !! It is so sweet to see.

This afternoon off I want to do some scrapping. I saw this great sketch of Ingeborg and I would really like to make that. Start searching for photos and paper and see what comes from it !!

A couple of days ago I also made a layout again. The pic is almost a year old. Fabian turned four and said goodbye at the daycare to go to school. I made a present and put his phot on it. My dad made it.. so when he got ill.. I just could not put myself to it scrapping this photo. Now that he is better I finally scrapped this cute picture.

I made it with the Monster stew collection of Jillybean Soup.. just love it.. So nice for little guys ! Sometimes it is really hard to find cool stuff ( as Fabian says) for little boys.. but hey.. there is always something.

There is a storm going on here in The Netherlands.. I really don't like it when the wind goes so strong. Hopefully it will go by really soon.. and it will gets a bit better weather. Tommorrow Santa Claus ( Sinterklaas) will come to The Netherlands.. and hopefully it will stay dry when we go to the city to welcome him. We will see.

maandag 8 november 2010

Not much scrapping lately

Since we came back from our little holiday I haven't been doin' much scrapping. Only the new challenge for the Scrappassion blog... that is all. Somehow I don't have the time to sit down and relax. Every day I say to myself.. come on..take some time and go scrapping.. but never get to it. Maybe because I have to go upstairs to my little room to do so. It is different. When everyting was downstairs I sat down more often than I do now.. and I really miss it. So have to kick myself and do so. I miss it...

Still have some things I can show.. first the secret scraplift on a messageboard I am a member of.. it was fun. Everyting turned out sooo different.. and not like the orginal lift.

These pictures where made when we were in Germany with my parents in law. There is this beautifull Zoo.. and I just tried with my camera.. just love these.

Tonight we had a talk at Fabian's school to hear how he is doing. It was so good to hear that he finally found his way after his difficult start at the beginning of this year. When my father got so ill it was hard for him to adjust at school because of everything happening around him and ofcourse also with him. He missed my dad like crazy and just could not concentrate on school. Now he is doing so much better.. making friends and learning like crazy. It feels good to see him like this. My little "moppie".

maandag 1 november 2010

New Challenge for November at Scrappassion

New Month new challenge over at Scrappassion. This month the challenge is scrap about yourself. 10 things that make you you. It was really fun to scrap about myself for a change. I normally never do. So now was the time. Used a photo that Fabian made of me. Really like the photo. That is also seldom. Made some labels on one side and put some things about me on it.
The things of me are :
1. mom
2. wife
3. diva
4. friend
5. impatient
6. caring
7. insecure
8. scrappy
9. chocofreak
10. believer

Come on over and join the challenge. It is always fun and we have a nice price to give away !!

zaterdag 9 oktober 2010

Layouts from the Scrappassion weekend.

Finally I made pictures of the layouts I made at the Scrappassion weekend. It reallly took me long this time. But somehow I did not get to it during day time and in the evening I simply cannot make good pictures.

Here is the first one.

These are my two "moppies" what should I do without them. They really are the love of my life. I find this phot soooo sweet. They are never normal on a photo together.. so just love this one.

This photo is made a day before my father went to the hospital and got really, really sick. Long time I just could not look at this picture because it reminded me of everything that happened and was still hapening. Now I can look at it and remember how it was. We will visit this place not long from now. Together with my parents. That will be nice !!

This photo is from a fotoshoot we did with Karin. she really made us such nice pictures. Fabian is on it just the way he is. He loves to sick both tums up and say.. Mama is dit dubbel toppie !! Really don't know the translation. So when he did this I just started laughing.

There is more to show.. but than I would be an incredable long post.. so I will save some for next time.
Not long from now we finally will go away with my parents. We all can use it after all that has happened. We will go to the place where they where before my dad got so ill. Hope it will not be to emotional for all of us. We will see how it goed. I am really looking forward to it.

vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

Great Challenge at Scrappassion

A new month... a new challenge over at Scrappassion This month Petronella came up with the challenge.. a real challenge for me because I never ever made something like this.
So let us made a totally white layout !! Real hard but it turned out it was a lot of fun.

Here is my take of the challenge

It is a photo of my sweet cousin. I can remember the day she was born and now she already is so big and a real lady in every way. But sometimes still a little child who needs a lot of attention ! Just gotta love her !!!

So hop over to the scrappassion blog and join is. It is real fun and you can win a real nice price !!!!

dinsdag 28 september 2010

Had a great weekend !!!!!!

This weekend we went away with the Scrappassion girls. All of us in a little house.. scrapping all weekend.. having fun.. laughing.. just soo great. We were with six and the others came on Saturday for one day. We did some brainstorming for a whole new year of Scrappassion and we came up with real nice challenges that will be fun for all of you to join. I am sure of that.
I even made 4 new layouts. Unfortunately it is to dark to make some photos of them It is so rainy over here.. so you have to wait before I can show them.

This lo is made some time ago. Love this photo of my little man. We were on holiday in Austria and in this park we were they had this gorgeus bank that is normally in Barcelona.. so he sat on it and made this picture. Just looove how he is laughing.

Last Friday my dad finally came home after being away for more than 8 months. At the beginning of this year we never thought this could happen to us. It was a real nightmare the first three months. But now the day finally came and he is at home again. He will be having fysiotherapie for three days a week.. but this week he will have "holiday" to adjust at home again. Really nice not to be running in the evening.. just eat together and than have real family time. I am gonna enjoy it for sure.. although it was weird last night.

zondag 12 september 2010

My little tigger

Here he is my little tigger. We were at a party of his school and they could transform.. at first he really did not want to. But than our neighbour came by and had some on her face. That was really intresting and he decide he would like that too. So we went to sit. He wanted to be a tiger. Because that was really dangerous. It was so funny to see. It tikkeled so he made funny faces. Unfortunately I did not have my camera at that place.. so no pictures of that. When he was almost finished he had enough of sitting still all the time. But hey.. he made it. It looked really seet.. but you can see he was very tired.
When we came home he wanted me to get is off. He did not want to wear it in bed. I was so glad that I made photos of it. He looks very, very sweet !!!

Last week there was a great sketch at Creative Scrappers. I just had to make it. I also did last sunday but since the weather was so bad over here. I just couln't make a good picture of it. So today I finally did. This is the sketch :

And this is what I made of it. Photos of a walk from Fabian at school. So cute to see how they all did their best to run as much as they could to collect money.

vrijdag 10 september 2010

Last entry Creative Scrappers

This lo I also made for the submission of Creative Scrappers. Just cannot get enough of their sketches. They just are so lovely. At home I have another one lying on my desk. Need to take a picture of it so I can place it on my blog. But the last couple of days it is really rainy here in HOlland... so the pictures that I took are really horrible. This weekend they finally expect some nice weather so hopefully I can take one than !! That would be nice. It is made with their latest sketch.
Probably I won't make it to their team.. but I still dream of making it. Would be tooo awesome !!!

I have been productive with scrapping.. but because of the reason above I cannot show more at the time. So there will follow more.

My dad is really going strong. He is already climbing stairs now with help of crutches and that really goes well. He even walked without help from anything and that is really going the right way. He wants to get home at the end of this month. We are sooo hoping he will make it. When that happens he was almost away for 9 months. A real long time to be away from home ofcourse. But we are sooo glad he still is with us. It could have been so different. Glad that is not the case. Now life is different too.. but that doesn't matter.. we adjust quiet quick.

Fabian is going good also. He has a blast at school and that is so important. Yesterday he was the helping hand of the teacher. They get little things to do.. like giving out the drinks and foods in the morning and so on. He really enjoys that. He got a sticker on his head and kept it there all day long. Sooo cute. Love to like at him when he is that way !!

maandag 6 september 2010

Creative Scrappers.. .my submission

As you all know I submitted for the Creative Scrappers Design Team.. just made new lay outs for them with their fab sketches. I finally got some pictures from my hubby when he was young. It took me a real long time to get them.. and now I finally got them.

When I saw the sketch...... this one....I just knew what i wanted to make of it. Just gotta love it.
The paper and the photos just match so very well. My hubby was a lovely little guy I think !!!

vrijdag 3 september 2010

So in the mood but have to wait

I am so in the mood for scrapping.. but am at work.. so really have to wait till tonight.. when I am probably to tired to sit down :-((( Well will see. When I go home I first have to pick up my son and than we will go the "startparty" of his school. It will be from 5 p.m till 7 p.m. Don't know if we will stay he whole time. depends on how much fun it is for him and he wants to stay.
Completely new for me.. so let's see what happens. I don't have to go alone.. we will go with our little family. Ofcourse I will take my camera with me to take some piccies.

Ofcourse I also scrapped a bit. NOt much.. but just a little. This lo is from Jurgen his grandma and aunt from the US. Love the phote. They are so incredable cute togehter. When Biggi is over they have so much fun together. They are just always laughing. Could you tell Jurgen's grandma is already 93 years old !! She is sooo lovely.

woensdag 1 september 2010

Scrappassion 2 YEARS !!!!!!!!

This month we have a very special challenge at Scrappassion, because September is birthday month for Scrappassion and the blog is celebrating its SECOND birthday! So ... to celebrate we have a regular challenge and an additional one! Both the sponsors: Dolls and Decorations and De Scrapheap are giving away a prize this month, so there is a double chance on this too! And how about the regular challenge? Since it is the second birthday you have to make a project or layout with the number 2 or the word two on it. If you click here you will see the projects and the layout made by the team. This is the layout I made.

But ... I mentioned an addtional challenge as well. This is what you have to do: make a card with a birthday wish and the number 2 or the word two and send the REAL CARD to Ria. She will email you her postal address after you have emailed her a picture of your card. If you would like to win a prize you have to post the card to her in the mail! At the end of September we have a Scrappassion weekend and the Creative Team will pick a winner! There are a few more surprises, but I am not going to say anything about those, because you will find out about those if you win one of the two challenges! Have fun!

dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Appli for Creative Scrappers

Ohhhh boy.. I did it.. just send in my application for the Design Team of Creative Scrappers. I just thought.. why not.. when I never give it a try.. I will never get in a Design Team.. so I just send the mail out.. and now.. sit and wait till September 15th when they show us their new members. Would be awesome if I make it ofcourse !!!! But I will not get my hopes up to much. Will be dissapointed anyway when I don't make it.
They have such a great, awesome sketch challenge blog.. just love to make them.

Latley I haven't been productive with things I can show yet.. but here is one that I simply love. This picture is taken by talented Karin.. who is at my dad's rehabclinic. She really makes very nice piccies.. and I ask here if I could use this one. Just loved it.

My dad is really going to good way. He can walk with help of a rollator ( really don't know what this is in english) and he get's better in it every day. Yesterday he even played table tennis. Hopefully he can make his own goal.. getting home for good at the end of September.. that would be sooo great for all of us.

maandag 23 augustus 2010

Nothing much to tell or to show

Lately I haven't been scrapping that much. I seem to have a lack of inspiration. After I came back. To bad.. because I really feel like scrapping. It is just so relaxing. Yesterday I sat down for ten minutes and than it seemed nothing.. so I quit again. Will try if I can make something tonight.

Before I went on holiday I made some stuff. So I can still show something :-))

This photo was made when we were on honeymoon in Eurodisney in 2003. Already 7 years ago. Time really flies. We were in one of the shops in the VIllage and this was in the top of the store. The photo is not really that good.. but just loved it. Still have to scrap a lot of Disney photos so there will follow a lot more I guess.

This is also an old photo. Also about 7 years ago. We went on this hiking tour in Austria. It was so hot that I just couldn't walk any further. So I stayed there and took my peace. It was really quiet.

Not a lot has happened lately. My dad is still going real good. They want him walking in six weeks. Hope they make it. Would be so great. This weekend he was at home for the first time the whole weekend. Came home on friday night and went back on sunday night. That was really great !!

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

Back from holiday

Soo... holidays are over overhere. Fabian is back to school again. Yesterday he really did not want to go. But when he was there.. it was fine again. This morning I saw that they got a chair with their name on it. I did not see that last school year. Maybe it is for the better.. don't why it is.. but it looks ok. Hope it will work out fine. He is kind of a shy guy when he is at school and wants to be friends with everybody. I know that it cannot be.. but he thinks he can. Hope he will be ok. I am always worried about that because of my past at school. Have to get ride of it. I really hope he will never be picked on the way I was.

During my holiday I did some scrapping but I still have to make pictures of it. Today it is a real dark day. It is raining since I woke up. So no good day to make pictures. So you will have to wait till the weather is better. Will do some scrapping today. What else should I do.. the house is clean..

This evening Fabian will have his first swimminglessons. He is very excited and so are we. Ofcourse I will take my camera with me to make some pictures. if they allow me to. Hope he will like it.

Will leave you with a lo I made before I went on holiday.

This are pictures of Queensday here in Holland. We let some balloons go.. and Fabian really had fun.

zaterdag 31 juli 2010

New Scrappassion Challenge

This monthe we have a great summer challenge. We had to make a canvas that gives us the summerfeeling.. and use the inside of the canvas. Really a great challenge. I normally don't use a canvas that often.. and when I use one.. I use it the "normal" way. So this was really nice.
This pictures of Fabian really give me the summerfeeling. Running around playing with water. The paper of Echo Park just is sooo right for it. Gotta love it.

Now it is standing at my dads at the rehabclinic. He loved it so much that I let him keep it to keep him holding his spirit ( which is not a problem by the way) He was at our home yesterday and we had a really lovely day.

vrijdag 30 juli 2010


For sometime we really had some hot weather overhere... I just was in the mood than to make a real summer lo. It was to hot outside to do something.. so I stayed inside because it was better there. These pictures were taken last year when we were on holiday in Austria. Fabian really love to play with water when it is hot and run around with a naked upperbody. When the sun shines he thinks he can do it.. even when it is not that warm. Funny little guy.

Today I have a day with peace and quiet. Fabian is with his grandma and Juergen is painting the outside of the house. So really nice here inside. No one who wants something from me. I really like that every now and than.

Tonight I will visit my dad. He is going so good. Was at home already two sundays and this sunday he will come home again. I really hope that in the near future he can come home for the whole weekend. That would be so great. He really works hard and the doctors are really statisfied with how he is doing. Now he can come in his wheelchair and out of it on his own with a kind of slide. He can also get in the car with this slide so we can get him ourself with the car and not depend on the wheelciartaxi. Let's hope he can come home forever real soon. It is already seven months now almost.

woensdag 28 juli 2010

Finally !

Finally I have a new lens on my camera.. it was broken so I could not take new piccies of the stuff I made lately.
Now I have put them all on and can show you a lot of my work I made lateley... so overload on photos this time I think

These photos are made when we were on honeymoon almost seven years ago. We do not care for long distance travel so we went to EuroDisney for our honeymoon. It was really nice and we want to go back with Fabian some day.

Here an old photo of my mum and my uncle when they were younger. Really love those old photos

A picture made also almost seven years ago when Juergen climed a high mountain with my dad, uncle and Rudi ( an old friend of ours from Austria)

Some years ago we made a 30 km long hike in the moutains of the Czech Repulic with a whole group. Ofcourse the whole group had to go on the photo for memories later. It was a hard and cold hike.. but beautifull

woensdag 21 juli 2010

Challenge MME blog

On the MME blog they had a sketch challenge and use the word HOPE. I really loved this sketch and the idea of using the word HOPE. So I thought I play along.
It was really fun making this layout and love how it got.

zondag 18 juli 2010

Got an award !!

This award I became from Michelle. Really sweet of you girl !! I could use it. Should give it to people with a special reason. But the people I could think off already have it.
So it is for all the people that know for them themselves they deserve it.

Lately I did a secret scraplift on the SYM messageboard. Now we are all through and I can show the lo that I made. It is about my grandma. She isn't with us anymore for several years now. Still miss my grandmams ( both of them) I find it a very nice picture of her.

Today is a special day for us. My dad can come home for a several hours. The first time since six months. It will be great. Finally he will be in his own home again. Although it is only for some hours. For sure there will float some tears.. but think that is only normal. We will do some BBQ because the weather is also very nice. Hopefully from now on he can come home more often. That would be so nice !!

Edit: somehow I cannot get the picture in any other way.. sorry !!!!

woensdag 7 juli 2010

Orange dude

Here a picture of my son on Queens Day here in Holland. It is tradition that childeren can let balloons up in the morning. This year we went for the first. Now he is 4 years old and big enough to do such things. He made a hat at school and got a thing that makes noise.. so... off we were. He got two balloons and was so happy. Really love this photo. It looks like he has real big ears because he pulled his hat down so far that his ears became really silly. He is a real orange dude !!!!

Furter.. my life isn't that exciting in the moment. My son has schoolholiday and we are relaxing when I am not working. Meaning.. he plays outside a lot.. and mom does what she has to do.. some household and after that when I want to some scrapping or so. Tommorrow wiil be a whole of scrapping at my moms !! That really is a long time ago. We did not do that since my dad came in the hospital 6 months ago. So we are looking forward to that. Will be nice.

vrijdag 2 juli 2010

New Challenge Scrappassion blog !!

OVer at Scrappassion we have a new challenge.. because it is July already !! Time flies way to fast !! This month Monique came with the challenge. Make a layout in black and white with a black/white photo or make a layout in brown/white with a sepia photo. A real nice challenge although it can be though.. but that is the challenge.. and we scrappers need those.. Right ??!!

Here is what I made for this month....

I used an old photo of my mum again. I just loooove these photo's. Here she is at school and had to pose this way. Just love it. So nice that my mum found me all these old piccies. There will be coming a lot more I think.

So hop over to the Scrappassion blog and join. It is really nice and you can win a nice price.

dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Sooo incredible hot !

Since last week it is really incredible hot over here. It not funny anymore ! I cannot stand that heat. I sleep real bad at night which makes me tired during the day. Yesterday at work I really had a hard time. I could not keep my eyes open. Was so glad I could go home. So I stay inside a lot. Fabian loves to play outside and I let him. BIut he has to come in the shadow every 15 minutes or so for a couple of minutes. I find it to dangerous for him if he doesn't. Those little ones get a sunburn real quick even though I put suntan on him.
This afternoon they have a waterballet at school. He really cannot wait. He can bring his watergun and that really makes him happy.

Ofcourse I did some scrapping while being inside. It isn't that hot in my scraproom. Glad that it isn't.

This picture I really love.. these are the man closesest to my heart. My dad, my hubby and my uncle. We where hiking some years ago. My mum and I could not go further and they walked all the way to the top. It is not a real good picture.. but that does not matter.

donderdag 24 juni 2010

Great Give away

Birgit has a great give away on her blog. She designed this great new paper line and gives away one set. So I thought will give it try. They are soooo great !!!
Hope they will be in the stores here in HOlland to.. .because I never get really lucky when it comes to give aways and would love to have a set.

dinsdag 22 juni 2010

CT member search and new work !!

We at scrappassion are looking for 1 CT member... unfortunately you must be from The Netherlands or from Belgium. Please take a look at this post and give it a try. We are really a nice group of women and love to be creative. It would be so nice if you could be a team member.

Lately I have been creative again. And I can show some stuff. I really tried some vintage.. I like what it became. Althought it is not my specialty. But that does not matter.

It is an old picture of my mum. They did not own this bike but everybody in the neighbourhood was on the bike. So this is a special memory for my mom. Really loved it when I got this photo.

I also found some old holiday pictures. Again you see my mum. We were walking and found this ruine. Love this picture of my mom.

There is more to show but I think I will save that for another post. Always nice to have pictures in a blogpost.
My dad is getting stronger everyday. So good to see. Yesterday he told that he can get his legs outside the bed himself but cannot get him self complety up yet. But that will come to. It makes me happy that things are going in the right direction. He is full of spirit ad tries his best. That is a real good thing.

maandag 14 juni 2010

Things are going up !!

Since the last time I wrote a lot has happend. My dad finally is in rehab. I am so happy about that. He is doing great and you see him getting better. Not that he is walking already but his legs are moving more everytime I see him and that really makes me happy !! He wants to go home so bad. I can understand that so well. He is already in the hospital for 5 motnhs. That is a long time.
Every now and than I can feel how tired I am cause of all the tention we had and all the driving around. But now we see improvement and everything seems more easy.

So more scrapping is done.. every now and than. As you know a couple of weeks ago we had a crop with the girls of the Scrappassion CT. It was really nice. Ingeborg gave us a package ( everyone the same) that we had to make a lo with. This is what I came up with. It was a real challenge for me.. I would never scrap with that I guess.

Than I made a funny layout of my son. He sometimes is one crazy little guy. He walks around our livingroom like this picture a lot. Just because he likes it.. hahaahah

I made some more lo's but I cannot show them yet because they are for challenges. And some of them I did not make piccies of. So for today this is it. Hope to be back soon.

vrijdag 4 juni 2010


On the Scrappassion challenge blog we have organised a bloghop. Sorry ladies... it is only in dutch ! But I really hope a lot of you will join. The prices are amazing !! This is the message that is published on the blog... so hope over to Scrappassion blog and join !!! It will be fun.

Als CT hebben we talloze leuke ideetjes bedacht voor de komende tijd en zelfs voor volgend jaar hebben we iets in petto dat zeker zal aanspreken. Maar zover is het nog niet!

Allebei onze sponsors, De Scrapheap en Dolls and Decorations hebben beiden een waanzinnig groot pakket aan ons beschikbaar gesteld hiervoor. Daarvoor zijn wij uitermate blij en bedanken we hen dan ook zeer.
Wat moet je doen!

  • Wordt VOLGER van Scrappassion!
  • Zet onderaan dit bericht je reactie op deze onwijs leuke actie met in je bericht duidelijk je URL VAN JE EIGEN BLOG!
  • Maak op je eigen blog een bericht aan met daarin de aankondiging over de BLOGHOP bij Scrappassion, nodig mensen uit te gaan kijken en mee te doen.
  • Zet in dat bericht de volgende BLINKIES neer: een blinkie van Scrappassion, een blinkie van De Scrapheap en een blinkie van Dolls and Decorations en eventueel de foto's van de bloghop prijzen! [rechtermuisknop en dan afbeelding opslaan als...]
  • Zorg voor GOED WERKENDE LINKEN naar Scrappassion, Dolls en De Scrapheap.
  • Je kunt maar 1x je bericht plaatsen hieronder.
  • Zet je wel je bericht hieronder maar niets op je blog, of ook geen url, dan wordt je bericht verwijderd. Zonder blog kun je niet meedingen naar de pakketten.
  • Na 30 juni laten we via Random Generator 2 nummers kiezen die de prijzen winnen.
Hier de blinkies van Scrappassion en onze sponsors:

En dan nu natuurlijk de prijzen die beschikbaar worden gesteld door De Scrapheap en Dolls and Decorations!! Wij bevelen overigens allebei de winkels van harte bij jullie aan!

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donderdag 3 juni 2010

New challenge at Scrappassion

Ria came up with the challenge this month. We had to make a vintage lo... boyyyyy... that is not what I do very often.. sometimes I try.. but not that often... so a real challenge for me.
Not only for me.. but for most of our group of CTers it was a challenge.. but I can tell you.. they all did well.
Please check out our blog and see what they made. Let yourself also be challenged. It is really nice !!!

zondag 30 mei 2010

Scrappassion CT Call and CT Meeting

Yesterday we had our very first CT meeting from the Scrappassion blog. We never met eachother before. The only one I knew was Ria.. the rest I only knew from the blog and from the emails we send. So it was nice to finally see them in real life. I wasn't nervous at all. NOrmally I am when I meet "new" people.. but it all went so nice and easy. The girls are all very nice.. and just what I expected somehow.
We really did some nice cropping and talking and also some brainstorming for the blog for the future. We really came up with some very nice ideas. So keep looking at our blog to find out what !!!!

We also have a CT call going for one more CT member. I could be you ofcourse. It would be really nice if you would give it a try and become a member of our team. Just take a look at our blog to see what it takes to make a change. I am looking forward to see what you all made.

woensdag 26 mei 2010

Some days......

I am doing something I am not supposed to do. Blogging at work. I am sitting all alone in my department.. nobody here. Soooo lonely. That really is not nice. I really don't like it. But I am glad it does not happen that often.
So to get my mind of thing.. just do some blogging. Lately I have made some lo's but there are I few I cannot show because they are for some challenges. You have to be patient to see them. Others.. I still have to make some pics of them.

This one I can show. Fabian tried to ride.. but he did not know how. But with some patience he made it. So cute in my eyes.

My dad is getting better everyday. He is now waiting so that he can go to the rehabilition clinic. Hopefully there will be a space soon. That is closer to coming home again. I really want him home again. He can go downstairs now when they put him in a wheelchair. So that is a big change for him. But ofcourse.. he also want to go home. So let's cross our fingers that it can happen soon. Life can go back to "normal" even though it probably never will be the same again.

zondag 16 mei 2010

Going strong

Days fly.. like never before. We had four days off.. and now only the afternoon and evening are still left. Where did time go ????!!!!

My dad is going strong. He is getting stronger everyday. That is really good to see. Now he is waiting to go to the clinic to learn to walk again. It will be hard work for him.. but he really wants to so that is good. Motivation is ofcourse everything. Hopefully there will be a space soon !!

Lately I have done some scrapping to. My mood is getting back and I love to scrap in my little room upstairs. I made a great box for a collegaue of mine for his wedding but the album in it still has to be made. So nothing to show there.
Than I already finished the next challenge for the Scrappassion blog.. but.. you have to wait till I can show that.

My mom gave my some wonderfull old piccies of my family. Was thrilled. This one is from my dad on his sisters wedding.

Really like this photo. He looks so cute there. At his side is his niece. So no romance at that young age :-))

Than I finally scrapped some piccies of Fabian when we were on holiday in Belgium. The photos aren't that good but I just had to scrap them.

Yesterday we had a birthday of a collegaue of Jurgen. He celebrated his 25 b-day. Was very nice.. but I was really glad he had a room for us so we could stay to sleep. Was really nice. But also glad to be home again.
Now I am going to enjoy the rest of the sunday that is left over !!