dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Appli for Creative Scrappers

Ohhhh boy.. I did it.. just send in my application for the Design Team of Creative Scrappers. I just thought.. why not.. when I never give it a try.. I will never get in a Design Team.. so I just send the mail out.. and now.. sit and wait till September 15th when they show us their new members. Would be awesome if I make it ofcourse !!!! But I will not get my hopes up to much. Will be dissapointed anyway when I don't make it.
They have such a great, awesome sketch challenge blog.. just love to make them.

Latley I haven't been productive with things I can show yet.. but here is one that I simply love. This picture is taken by talented Karin.. who is at my dad's rehabclinic. She really makes very nice piccies.. and I ask here if I could use this one. Just loved it.

My dad is really going to good way. He can walk with help of a rollator ( really don't know what this is in english) and he get's better in it every day. Yesterday he even played table tennis. Hopefully he can make his own goal.. getting home for good at the end of September.. that would be sooo great for all of us.

3 opmerkingen:

Ria zei

go for it Maris!!! Je maakt prachtige eigenstijl layouts....ik ga duimen.
Je layout eronder vind ik erg mooi, stil qua foto en qua uitstraling maar het zegt heeel veel! toppie.xx

Hanneke zei

Inderdaad een mooie foto!! En wat een mooie lo heb je ervan gemaakt!!! Ik zal voor je duimen en je weet He who dares wins!!!!

CĂ©line zei

Wat een mooi lo! En de foto erop is echt prachtig!
Ik ga ook voor je duimen!!!