woensdag 18 juli 2012

Mojo far gone

I don't know what it is.. but my mojo is really far gone... did some project life pages.. but still have to make photo's of it. Furter.. really.. nothing gets me inspired.. or better said.. love watching what beautifull everybody makes...really want to do something than.. and than you already guess.. nothing is coming out of my fingers ...:( So.. sitting in my room.. doing some cleaning and moving.. and that is all there is. Fabian really wanted to do some scrappin... and made two layouts for a friend of us.. they are ok. Bur for myself.. nope.. nothing. Still have something to show.. it has been a while since I made that one.. but did not show it yet. Hope I get some mojo again because I would love to create something nice again.
Yesterday Fabian and I went to the cinema. Has has his summerholiday and since the weather is really bad here we went there and watched Madagascar 3. It was such a fun movie. And we had a great afternoon together !

maandag 11 juni 2012

Getting in the mood again

Lately my scrapmood has been down a bit.. don't know why... wanted to scrap.. but somehow I just could not get anything out of my hands. Real bummer.. sitting behind the table.. and nothing getting down something nice. So I went blogsurfin' and blogsurfin'.... seeing the most beautifull stuff coming by.. and still nothing came out of my hands. This weekend I sat down.. and finally I could create something again that I liked very much !! My mood is back... I am so happy.. cause I missed it so much ! I got some old pictures of me from my parents. My dad scanned them from dia's. ( don't know the english word for it sorry) So it is so nice to have these piccies of myself when I was little ! And instead of doing boys scrap... I did some nice myself girls scrap ! That was nice for a change also. Here I am.. riding my bike.. so cute ! ( I know I should not say that about myself.. ...) I love to do that my mum told me.. so now I know where my son got it from ! He loves riding his bike too. He cannot get enough of it. So cute. Got many more of these old pics.. so they will get by every now and than. Also started catching up with Project life this week. My boys went swimming all day yesterday.. so had a whole day to myself to do some scrappin' and relaxing.. and boy I did. Not that I am very quick in catching up but that does not matter. Liked what I have done so far I must say. I am doing the first full week of April now, so I am really pretty far behind. But I don't want to give up. Just love this project and want to continue. I am writing down everyting and taking piccies. So it will be fine. I am sure of that. So.. will be back soon with some Project life stuff I guess. See you than !!

vrijdag 8 juni 2012

Time to blog again

Lately I just have been to busy to blog. Still with our kitchen.. every evening someone in our house.. than cleaning the next day.. just came to no scrapping at all. Project life is far behind.. the first week of April has to be done.. Will try to catch up this week. Don't want to get to far behind. I still enjoy it.. so will continue to try to catch up ! Just don't want to give up on this project I love sooo very much ! Glad I wrote everything down and stil make photos of all nice things that happen ! So catching up won't be that hard ! Still have some things to show.. Made some layouts.. and stil have not shown in on my blog. Wanna be more active over here again also. want to have more time again to do nice things ! That would be great ! This picture of my son is soooo cute.. He was hot.. so he walked around the house without his sweater.. even though it was very cold outside. He stood next to me.. asking is he could take it off. Before I could say anything he stood there like this. Grabbed my camera.. and took this pic. I love watching at it. There really is nothing much to tell. I am not the most open person on the blog.. I find it hard to share every detail of my life on the www. Love to read everyone's stories.. but find it hard to share mine. I always think my life just is not intresting enough to share. Since I also don't get that many responses on my blog. So maybe some day I can share more.. I don't know. Some I want to.. but have a fear... May sound strange.. but that is the truth. So .. .next time maybe more personal stories... Wanna share a picture of my son's morning routine.. sitting on the couch.. eating his "beschuit" with Nutella... it is the same every morning. This morning I thought.. let's finally make a picture for my project life. It has to be documented. See you all next time.. who ever reads my blog !

dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Project life week 14

Sometimes life get's in the way of blogging. We are still so busy redoing our kitchen that I hardly find time for myself to scrap or to do project life. Such a shame.. really want to.. but when I sit down it seems I just have to do something.. and than when I am ready.. just wanna sit behind my laptop and do some blog surfin. Seeing all the nice things others make.. and drool over it.. wanting to make something. But than sitting down.. nothing nice comes out of my hands... so.. back to drooling again :))) Luckily I still have some weeks to show.. although they are from two months back... never mind.. they need to be showed also isn't it... ?!?!?! Here is my week 14... not the regular week 14.. it is from february.. since I started last year November :))) Nothing much happened that week.. you have those weeks.. or I just did not make to many pictures.. that can be too ofcourse... don't know.. that was to much back to still know if that was the case for me. I do tend to remember .. but the reason for not so many piccies.. I just blocked out.. :)
This week Fabian had a real nice thing at school. The planted some nice spring plants to watch grow and bloom. He really enjoys such things.. loves the outside and the flowers. so when he came home and told me he was sooo proud that he did it all by him self. Unfortunately the flowers came to us when there was noo bloom at all.. That happened all at school. But we put them in our garden and will enjoy them next spring. Also very nice.. they come back every spring.. so no loss here. The project supermarket was also still at school.. so we collected empty packages like crazy so he could take them to school for their own little supermarket. It was full pretty quick.. because all the kids really loved it..
Walking to school..we only have a 5 minute walk to school.. this time.. I brought my phone with me to take some pictures from the walk through school. It had to be captured how he always walks in front of me.. getting to school first ! He is just so crazy.. he loves to go to school.. and cannot wait till he learns to read and write next schoolyear ! ( hope it stays that way ) Then we went out to dinner on a sunday night.. and he always eats french fries.. we went greek.. and he really does not like that.. but the fries.. are always good !! He did some silly thing with them. normally he is not allowed to do that.. but this one time.. he could.. funny little guy it is. ..

dinsdag 8 mei 2012

Project Life Tuesday week 13

Tuesday.. project life day ! I missed last week. Was so busy with our new kitchen.. it was placed and had to do soo many things for that. I just did not have the time to blog. Now I am back.. showing my week 13. I am almost catched up. That is really nice.. but it does not bother me that I am behind. Still loving it every day ! It is so nice.. and love to see our every week !
Here is the spread for the end of febraury. I am soo behind in showing.. maybe I will catch up some day.. but I really like it that I can show something every week with you. Looove looking at every one elses project life's ! It was a very nice week.. like every week.. Never thought I love my life in pictures that much ! Realizing we do so much every week is so nice. Just enjoying every little detail. The first signs of spring were in our garden this week. That made me so happy. Just looove spring.. the most beautifull time of year. When the leaves start growing. The flowers start showing again... just cannot get enough of it.
Love the spring.. so the flower are in my project life. Just so lovely to see everyting bloom in the backyard. Love sneeuwklokjes ( sorry don't know the english name) it is to bad they don't bloom that long. So enjoy the moment. It is so nice that every year we have more of it. Never enough ofcourse !! Tulips were early also.. so the will show up in my project life soon. You can never enough flowers in your project !! :) There was some relaxing this week.. feet up.. and enjoy the rest. Than we had to take a silly mummy and son picture.. we did it well I guess :)) It is so important to me that I make pictures with Fabian every now and than.. just because we hardly stay on a picture togehter because I am always behind the camera ! We did some movie looking ofcourse Cars 2.. the all time fave here at the moment. Already watched it 200 times.. but he can never can get enough of it. Since it was holiday time we went to visit my mam and so some scrappin'. That is always very nice. Just like some croptime with my mum.
Jurgen got a not at his job from his manager. Was so important to him that he got it. So it just had to be in project life ! Keeping it for later ! That he knows he does a good job.. so importatn. Than there was eating tomatasoup.. never took piccies of our dinner... but it had to be in it. Finally that week I got my Becky core kit. I made me soooo happy. Really wanted it.. and now I have it.. feels sooo good !! Use it very often.. it is so nice. Than there was some sillyness from Fabian with a balloon. He can get so crazy with things like this. Drawing funny faces on balloons and than play with it all afternoon. That is so nice. He can enjoy the very simple things in life. Really like that ! It is so important for kids to have that.

dinsdag 24 april 2012

Project Life Tuesday week 12

Not very much to tell because we are rebuilding our kitchen.. really not much time. But I wanted to share some project life.
Here is the spread with the inlay of the Indiancertificate Fabian got at school. They celebrated the birthday of the teachers all at the same time. And this week it was that day. So costumes on.. and celebrate all morning. Fabian went as a pirate althought the theme was Indian. He really had a blast !!
Here the left page. I love burning candles in the evening.. so that just had to be in my project life. It brings this cozy feeling in the house. Just nice ! So a lot of candles are burning in my house in the winter. This is the week of the 13th of February. Yeah I know..I am behind.. in showing I am very far behind.. making not so far ! This week I also got a set of page protectors for project life and I was expecting my Clementine core kit from Becky.. but that took some longer.
Left side.. more of the celebration at school. I really love the photo of Fabian with a girl from his class. She has a crush on Fabian.. and that looks soo cute ! It gives me a real big smile on my face when I see it. Than I was scrapping with some girls that weekend. Was sooo very nice. I enjoyed it very much. We had a group picture.. but somehow I could not get it printed. Sorry ladies.. it is a very short and quick post.. Gonna have to break in the kitchen again. Friday we will have our new one and I will have more time again. Love the read your comments !!

dinsdag 17 april 2012

Project Life week 11

It is Tuesday !! Project life time again.

Last week I had to pass. My dad came in the hospital with heart problems.. so I had a lot on my mind the last two weeks. Today he will be home again. They operated him and he had a triple bypass. Feeling good again ! I am so happy that they could help him and when time goes by it will get better and better.
It was a big shock but luckyly they could help him. Two years ago my dad was very ill and balanced between life and dead.. so we were really scared for some days. Glad it turned out for the best !!

So now to project life. This is the week of 16th of febraury. Really behing in showing.. and a month behind in making. But I really feel no pressure to get it done quicker. Make notes everyday and than I can do it in my own pase.

Here is this weeks spread. Just had to put some inserts in it.. had to little space because of all the winter piccies I made. Winter just is lovely when it has snow and we can do some iceskating. Now that spring is here ( not the tempratures) it seems like so long ago. Well it is two months ago ofcourse :)

This week there was a man to measure our kitchen for the new one we bought. They measure real carefull so that everything will fit in. Fabian was really intrested although he did not see very much ! But it is not so bad to be curious !!
The photo of me is really crazy. Went iceskating with work.. but the wind was so cold that I had to warm my face. Not knowing someone would take a picture of that. But it turned out to be funny !!
The photo of J√úrgen and me is made by Fabian.. really like how it turned out. We hardly ever have piccies of the two of us together. It will be scrapped in an other way too I think !!

A closer look to one of the inserts. At school they have the sunshine of the week every week. This week Fabian was the sunshine. Other kids have to name good things of him..or what they like about him. Than they get this paper to remember. Really nice ofcourse !

This is the other side.. some journaling about the muppets Fabian collected.. the muppet movie we went to and really, really like.. even though I am not a big muppet fan. The movie was great.
And a lot of journaling about I friendship I ended after long time. It was not a nice thing to do.. but the best for me. It turned out I expected and wanted more from this friendship than she did. Could not put that energy in anymore. It has to come from both sites.. and it clearly only came from my side. Really wanted it in here to. Also the Facebook mailing we did.. but that I hided.

So a full and nice week !! At the half of Febraury !
Commented is always nice ofcourse ! :)