dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Project life week 14

Sometimes life get's in the way of blogging. We are still so busy redoing our kitchen that I hardly find time for myself to scrap or to do project life. Such a shame.. really want to.. but when I sit down it seems I just have to do something.. and than when I am ready.. just wanna sit behind my laptop and do some blog surfin. Seeing all the nice things others make.. and drool over it.. wanting to make something. But than sitting down.. nothing nice comes out of my hands... so.. back to drooling again :))) Luckily I still have some weeks to show.. although they are from two months back... never mind.. they need to be showed also isn't it... ?!?!?! Here is my week 14... not the regular week 14.. it is from february.. since I started last year November :))) Nothing much happened that week.. you have those weeks.. or I just did not make to many pictures.. that can be too ofcourse... don't know.. that was to much back to still know if that was the case for me. I do tend to remember .. but the reason for not so many piccies.. I just blocked out.. :)
This week Fabian had a real nice thing at school. The planted some nice spring plants to watch grow and bloom. He really enjoys such things.. loves the outside and the flowers. so when he came home and told me he was sooo proud that he did it all by him self. Unfortunately the flowers came to us when there was noo bloom at all.. That happened all at school. But we put them in our garden and will enjoy them next spring. Also very nice.. they come back every spring.. so no loss here. The project supermarket was also still at school.. so we collected empty packages like crazy so he could take them to school for their own little supermarket. It was full pretty quick.. because all the kids really loved it..
Walking to school..we only have a 5 minute walk to school.. this time.. I brought my phone with me to take some pictures from the walk through school. It had to be captured how he always walks in front of me.. getting to school first ! He is just so crazy.. he loves to go to school.. and cannot wait till he learns to read and write next schoolyear ! ( hope it stays that way ) Then we went out to dinner on a sunday night.. and he always eats french fries.. we went greek.. and he really does not like that.. but the fries.. are always good !! He did some silly thing with them. normally he is not allowed to do that.. but this one time.. he could.. funny little guy it is. ..

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Katie's Nesting Spot zei

It looks like quite a bit DID happen :) I like how in your one pocket you put two little photos and two halves of journaling cards.

Gwendolyn zei

Echt geweldig gaaf is het weer geworden! Succes verder met de verbouwing!

Liefs Gwendolyn

Tar Sprayers zei

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