maandag 31 oktober 2011


I was away for to long from my blog. But I was incredable busy at home.. and I was just being happy to be a part of the Creative Scrappers team.. so was making my sketches... so you have to wait a little bit long to see the result on the blog.

Last saturday we went furniture shopping. Normally I really like it.. but since Jürgen is no fan of it.. well you can imagine how it goes than. Hubby walking like crazy through the store, telling me he likes nothing he sees.. and me.. wanting to sit down in some chairs... Still.. we haven't found a new chair for our livingroom. This saturday the shopping story will continue. Hope we will find something real quick !! Something we both will like.

We did buy Fabian a new bed. He still has a "little" bed like 120 cm long.. and it is becoming to short. So I saw this great high bed from him. Jürgen ofcourse had to see it. He liked it also.. so.. we bought. Next week it will be in our home and it can start... building up and breaking down. He is already very thrilled that he will become a new bed. With stairs.. that is the ulimate thing for him.

Of course I have done some scrappin' too. Some I cannot show yet.. but this one I can. The cherry earrings from Fabian and his grandpa. Fooling around those too.

I used a Creative Scrappers sketch for this one.. but don't know which one anymore :(

Have a nice monday !!!

zaterdag 22 oktober 2011


Just before I went on holiday I got this great mail from Kristine from Creative Scrappers. As you all could read in my last post I just tried again to get in... third time.. and YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got in !!!!

The group is really talented and it will be such an honor and pleasure to work with the sketches !

This is the team for this term :

Please let me introduce you to our new team members!

Welcome to CS ladies!

Janna Werner - Germany
Brenna Smith - Canada
Fiona Kenward - Australia
Ana Castro - Brazil
Hilde Aaslund - Norway

Ulrika Blomfelt - Sweden
Kerryn Lawson - Australia
Myriam Mantion-Ginel - France
Daniela de Sá - Brazil
Solange Marques - Brazil

Marielle LeBlanc - Canada
Marie-Anne Kimpton - Canada
Katarzyna Grzegorzewska - Poland
Mariska Walter - Netherlands THAT IS MEEEEEE !!!
Natasha Naranjo Aguirre - USA

Amelia Khalik - Malaysia
Felicitas Klink - Germany
Marianne Sjoberg - Norway
Marina Yazawa (Kanga) - Japan
Marie Johansson - Sweden

I am so happy to be part of it.. I am sure they will all provide you with beautifull work and sketches.. please take part in the sketches.

Since I was on holiday last week.. no scrappin' at all for me. This time I did not bring any scrapstuff with me. Just enjoyed walking throught beautifull towns.. watching some culture and doing some photography ! Always nice to do these things.
But I am also glad to be home again, just with the three of us. Glad tommorrow is sunday and we have a day for the three of us to enjoy and relax.

woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Keep on trying

I saw the creative team call on Creative Scrappers again.. just in time.. so I thought.. I just keep on trying.. who knows maybe some day I will be the lucky one !! You never know.
Recently I made some of their sketches again.. so... here is what I send in...

For this layout I used their sketch #173.. that was soo nice for these photos.

Than I used sketch # 174 for the next one.. just adjusted it a bit because of the amount of photos.. but hey it is a sketch !!!

Sooo cute how Fabian was in the courousel !! He just love those things.. and cannot get enought of it.

And the last one I send in was a real winter pic from almost two years ago when Fabian went on a little holiday with my parents. You can tell it is really cold !

Live is goin'good these days.. which makes me very happy !! I want it to stay this way. I have enough the last 1,5 years..

maandag 3 oktober 2011

Way to long

It has been way to long since I last blogged. Somehow I did not came to it. Every time I thought let's blog there was something else coming up.

I did scrap in the meantime.. but from most things I have to take pictures... but here is one from two weeks ago or so.

It is a photo of my uncle and Fabian. Those two are real buddies. Here Fabian let my uncle feel how cold his cheek was from the icecream he eat.. such a funny couple sometimes.

Furter.. everything is finally going good overhere again. After a hard one and half years.. we are getting back on track. Sometimes I have nightmares of everything that has happened.. but that is getting less thank heaven.
Will blog again soon with more !!