zaterdag 22 oktober 2011


Just before I went on holiday I got this great mail from Kristine from Creative Scrappers. As you all could read in my last post I just tried again to get in... third time.. and YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got in !!!!

The group is really talented and it will be such an honor and pleasure to work with the sketches !

This is the team for this term :

Please let me introduce you to our new team members!

Welcome to CS ladies!

Janna Werner - Germany
Brenna Smith - Canada
Fiona Kenward - Australia
Ana Castro - Brazil
Hilde Aaslund - Norway

Ulrika Blomfelt - Sweden
Kerryn Lawson - Australia
Myriam Mantion-Ginel - France
Daniela de Sá - Brazil
Solange Marques - Brazil

Marielle LeBlanc - Canada
Marie-Anne Kimpton - Canada
Katarzyna Grzegorzewska - Poland
Mariska Walter - Netherlands THAT IS MEEEEEE !!!
Natasha Naranjo Aguirre - USA

Amelia Khalik - Malaysia
Felicitas Klink - Germany
Marianne Sjoberg - Norway
Marina Yazawa (Kanga) - Japan
Marie Johansson - Sweden

I am so happy to be part of it.. I am sure they will all provide you with beautifull work and sketches.. please take part in the sketches.

Since I was on holiday last week.. no scrappin' at all for me. This time I did not bring any scrapstuff with me. Just enjoyed walking throught beautifull towns.. watching some culture and doing some photography ! Always nice to do these things.
But I am also glad to be home again, just with the three of us. Glad tommorrow is sunday and we have a day for the three of us to enjoy and relax.

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