woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Keep on trying

I saw the creative team call on Creative Scrappers again.. just in time.. so I thought.. I just keep on trying.. who knows maybe some day I will be the lucky one !! You never know.
Recently I made some of their sketches again.. so... here is what I send in...

For this layout I used their sketch #173.. that was soo nice for these photos.

Than I used sketch # 174 for the next one.. just adjusted it a bit because of the amount of photos.. but hey it is a sketch !!!

Sooo cute how Fabian was in the courousel !! He just love those things.. and cannot get enought of it.

And the last one I send in was a real winter pic from almost two years ago when Fabian went on a little holiday with my parents. You can tell it is really cold !

Live is goin'good these days.. which makes me very happy !! I want it to stay this way. I have enough the last 1,5 years..

4 opmerkingen:

Joanna zei

Wat een geweldige layouts! Vooral wasknijperboy vind ik mooi :-)

Daniela Bortoli de Sá zei

I love playing with you in CS!

Paula Castells zei


Janna Werner zei

Die LOs sind supertoll, Mariska. Und ich freue mich, dass wir zusammen bei CS unterwegs sind :) GLG Janna