vrijdag 29 april 2011

Getting into Tags

Since my friend Marian introduced me to the Tags.. I really like to make them.. I am just a newby to it but I really like it. I want to try more.. and do more.. so I will be making more of these little artworks.. it is just to nice.

I got these stamps for my b-day at the beginning of this month.. they are from our great Tim Holtz.. just loooove these stamps.. you can do som much with them.. I tried a bit with distress and it turned out okay. It can be a lot better in my eyes.. but on the way I will learn more..

donderdag 28 april 2011

A whole scrappy day

Last week I went to my mums to do a scrapday together. It was really nice to be creative with my mum again. It was so long ago. Since Fabian is in preschool we hardly get together to scrap anymore. I have to pick Fabian up to eat and than bring him back. No problem ofcourse.. but when I am at my moms time is just to limited to do that.. so we stay at home when he is in school. Now that he has his holiday it is scrappytime again.

THis is what I made and I really like this one.

I really like this photo. It was taken at the Zoo in Germany last summer. It is such a great Zoo in Stuttgart ( that is where my hubby is from) We love to go there.. this was Fabian's first time and he would like to go more often when we are there. So we are planning to do that. It is so nice. He likes to climb and there where so many possibilities there. So he enjoyed himself.. and so did we.

Now the little man is staying over for some nights with his grandparents. It is really quiet in the house. I am so used to hearing him talk to me.. and playing around !! But I know he really likes it there.. so let him enjoy hisself.

zondag 17 april 2011

Some to show again.....

Lately I have not been scrapping that much.. there was always a lot to do.. so not much scrapping time left. But this weekend I really wanted to do some scrappin' again.
I took the photo's of Fabian of the shoot we had with him last september.. Just loove those piccies. They are so fun to see.

This one was soo funny. It was at the end of the shoot. Fabian stood on this table and started singing a song he learned at school. My lord is so big... ( in dutch.. mijn god is zo groot. So that is why I took this title ! I just could not resist.

Than another photo of the shoot... I just looks so cute I believe.

There is not much more to say about this photo.

For both layouts I used some amazing Crate Paper.. ( think toy box) Just love what Crate Paper brought out this CHA.. just amazing ! How can you not like it !!

The weather here is really beautifull lately.. so a lot of sitting in for me because of my allergie.. but hey.. it does not hold me back always.. A girl has to enjoy the weather also.

vrijdag 1 april 2011

Challenge April Scrappassion

A new month a new challenge at Scrappsion. This month the challenge is a minibook. Real hard for me.. because I get bored really easy.... and I am just not good in it. So also for me a real challenge.
The minibook has to have 5 pages ( incl. front and back) the rest is free to decide. So please girls.. do your best.. and make a beautifull mini. We love to see what you make

Do you also think ( dutchies) about our Event at October 2nd. We would love you to join us. Click in my side bar on the date and you will find all the info about it.