donderdag 28 april 2011

A whole scrappy day

Last week I went to my mums to do a scrapday together. It was really nice to be creative with my mum again. It was so long ago. Since Fabian is in preschool we hardly get together to scrap anymore. I have to pick Fabian up to eat and than bring him back. No problem ofcourse.. but when I am at my moms time is just to limited to do that.. so we stay at home when he is in school. Now that he has his holiday it is scrappytime again.

THis is what I made and I really like this one.

I really like this photo. It was taken at the Zoo in Germany last summer. It is such a great Zoo in Stuttgart ( that is where my hubby is from) We love to go there.. this was Fabian's first time and he would like to go more often when we are there. So we are planning to do that. It is so nice. He likes to climb and there where so many possibilities there. So he enjoyed himself.. and so did we.

Now the little man is staying over for some nights with his grandparents. It is really quiet in the house. I am so used to hearing him talk to me.. and playing around !! But I know he really likes it there.. so let him enjoy hisself.

5 opmerkingen:

Marian zei

Zo dus dit heb je donderdag gemaakt.

Wow, deze LO is ook weer geweldig zeg!
Hele mooie kleuren. Past allemaal weer perfect bij elkaar.


Hanneke zei

Hij is zeker leuk Maris, lekker stoer!!!!
Geniet lekker van je "vrije" dagen (kan je wel weer eens wat dingen doen waar je anders niet aan toe komt!)

Gwendolyn zei

Gaaf geworden zeg! Echt heel erg leuk. Leuke titel ook!

Dora zei

Wat een supergave lo!

Felicitas Klink zei

hey Mariska... thanks for subscribing. i hope that you find some free time to create your own background :) please let me knwo if you do that :)

xoxo from germany

your German is really god, btw .)