maandag 26 december 2011

Sketch #188

Just a real quick post for the new awesome Creative Scrappers sketch. One day to late.. but had no acces to a computer yesterday since it is Christmas.

Take a look at the blog for what all the other members made.. they are just awesome !!!!

Here is my take :

Most of the team members did Christmas layouts.. but I did not.. I am just not a picture taker at Christmas...

woensdag 21 december 2011

Grrr....................and more

I don't know what I do wrong.. but somehow my blogtitle does not get another color.. and the name won't come in the middle of the banner.. if there is someone who can help me... it is soooo welcome. I am really not good at these kind of things.. as long as it is easy.... I can do it.. but when it gets deeper.. I really have no clue. I try to.. but it just isn't my thingie ! Well.. cannot be good at everything right :))

Did some scrappin'again. I really love to do summer pictures when the weather is rainny. It makes me wanna go back to summer again.. although I really like wintertime. But overhere it is only raining.. and now snow at all... hopefully we will get some this year Or next year.. because.. white Christmas is not going to happen overhere anymore !!

Here it is.. my scrap this time ! Used Amy Tangerine.. just love that !! So joyfull !

Christmas is standing right before.. and I am really busy. Short after Christmas it is Fabian's birthday.. so a lot to do. But hey.. it is nice !! We all are off next week ( just work on Friday) and we will relax a lot together. So nice to be together and relax some days.

donderdag 15 december 2011


Somehow lately I have not been to much scrapping. Ofcourse I make the sketches for Creative Scrappers which I enjoy very much.. but that seems almost all. THere is alot to do these days.. and days fly by so quick.
A teacher at school is leaving and I am organising things for her present.. which takes me more time than expected since not everyone delivers on the deadline. We only miss three.. which of one I know they have more important things on their head... so .. don't think that will come.. and I won't ask for it.

Now I am looking how to do it. My friend Marian give me a good idea.. which I will do.. Thx Marian.. that really save me a lot of time !!! But still.. ofcourse.. I want it to look good. When it is finished.. I will show for sure !

This layout I made some time ago. The pic is from 2010 in the middle of the year or so. Still love these fotos. He was so cute that day.. ahahahah ( don't everyone say that about their on child !)

Christmas decorations are on.. and I really love this time of year. All those lights that are in the house.. candles buring.. cold outside.. enjoying a hot cup of tea.. enjoying eachothers company. Yeah.. winter is for sure my season !!!! So now all we miss is some snow. Maybe we will have some this year. We will see.
Christmascards are coming in.. and I still have to write them.. maybe tommorrow night. It is not my fave work.. although I really like getting them :))

zondag 11 december 2011

Creative Scrappers day again

Today is reveal day again. This sketch was really fun to make. Something different.. and I enjoyed it very much ! Here is sketch #186.

This is my take on it :

I really hope you will all join us. It is so nice to make these !! And you can always win nice things if you join !! So... winter is here.. time to scrap Creative Scrappers !!!

zondag 4 december 2011

Workshop .....

This layout I made with a workshop I followed at the 2 frollein. It was really nice to follow this workshop. Althought I know a lot already.. somehow they make it fun to follow. Till now there was just no time to make them.. but I put everything on my pc and than I can make it now. This was about two colours that do not seem to match. ... although I think green and blue go great together !
It is so fun these workshop two weeks the organize.. so take a look on their blog.. and maybe you can follow one too.. but it is in german.. so german skills are necessary.

Today is Sinterklaas here in Holland.. officaly it is tommorrow.. but he will bring his presents here today. It is a real dutch tradition for childeren.. and it's so nice. Fabian still really believe in Sinterklaas.. so he is soooo excited. Later my parents and uncle will come here to celebrate.. so it will be nice !

vrijdag 2 december 2011

Familie fotoshoot

Two weeks ago we had a family fotoshoot. My dad really wanted to have some pictures of the 5 of us. Since we never had them. Now that he has been really sick he realized he really wanted this !
We had fotos of Fabian taken last year by a girl my dad knew from his rehab last year. She really makes very nice piccies. So we asked her if she could make fotos of us. She said yes.. and it took awhile before we could make fotos. Once it was cancelled because of rain.. than my dad became his new hip..and so on.. but two weeks ago on saturday it finally was the day ! The sun was shinning and we were really lucky.. because the last two saturday's were really bad.

I wil show you one foto of us.. the files are so large that I would have to compress them to show.. and since I am not so handy.. I will only show one.

It is so nice to have these.. so you will see them come by on a scrap.

Nothing scrappy to show today. The weather was so dark that the foto's I took really turned out bad. And I cannot show them. So when it is a bit better.. will make foto's. The deadline for Creative Scrappers is coming up also. Have the layout ready.. but not a good foto of it yet. So hopefully I can make that today !