woensdag 21 december 2011

Grrr....................and more

I don't know what I do wrong.. but somehow my blogtitle does not get another color.. and the name won't come in the middle of the banner.. if there is someone who can help me... it is soooo welcome. I am really not good at these kind of things.. as long as it is easy.... I can do it.. but when it gets deeper.. I really have no clue. I try to.. but it just isn't my thingie ! Well.. cannot be good at everything right :))

Did some scrappin'again. I really love to do summer pictures when the weather is rainny. It makes me wanna go back to summer again.. although I really like wintertime. But overhere it is only raining.. and now snow at all... hopefully we will get some this year Or next year.. because.. white Christmas is not going to happen overhere anymore !!

Here it is.. my scrap this time ! Used Amy Tangerine.. just love that !! So joyfull !

Christmas is standing right before.. and I am really busy. Short after Christmas it is Fabian's birthday.. so a lot to do. But hey.. it is nice !! We all are off next week ( just work on Friday) and we will relax a lot together. So nice to be together and relax some days.

4 opmerkingen:

Fleurelot zei

Ik kan je helaas niet helpen met de banner. Ik ben wat dat betreft ook geen held. Ik heb mijn banner en achtergrond van shabbyblogs.com en dat is wel goed te installeren.
Mooie lo!!

Dora zei

Gewoon je banner opslaan in de fotoprogramma, dan je tekst erin zetten wederom opslaan en dan deze hier plaatsen...althans dat werkt bij mij.
Mooie lo weer!

Gwendolyn zei

Mooie LO hoor! Ben echt gek op je stijl!

Fijne dagen!

Liefs Gwendolyn

Janna Werner zei

Ja Mariska, Blogger und der Elektro-Kram können einen gut auf Trab halten :) Aber Dein Layout ist total schön!! Dir und Deinen Lieben ein schönes Weihnachtsfest! Janna