maandag 27 juni 2011

Playing around

Lately I play a lot with paint, distress inkt, glimmermist.. It is just so much fun.
Also this time. Used green glimmer, victorian velvet distress inkt.. and pumic stone distress to stamp with.. I just looove it. Some Echo Park paper with it.. and viola ...

My dad made this picture when he was goin' to get some strawberries.. don't know what blossom it is.. I believe it is apple.. but it could be cherry as well. But I love the colors. It is just soo beautifull....

maandag 20 juni 2011


You all know the movie Cars from Disney I think.. not long from now part 2 will come out.. and you are already guessing.. our little man really wants to go there.
So granddad promised to go there with him. He is asking everytime he sees my dad when they will go. It will appear in the movietheather on July 6th. So he will have to wait a little bit longer....

He really is a huge fan of those little ( pretty expensive) cars. But I got him a lot of second hand good looking cars. ( He also has new ones) Everytime he gets some money he saved it.. and when he has enough money.. he buys one. Sooo really a huge fan.

Here he was playing ( as so often) on the ground with his cars. Just could not do without a Lo of that.....

So as so many boys of his age. He loves Cars !!

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Glad to have peace and quiet again

Finally our bathroom is ready !! No more working man in my house.. just peace and quiet again. I could not be more happier than I am now. It is sooooo beautifull !! It is fun to get in the shower again. Before we just had an awfull bathroom.. full of dirt that did not want to dissapear anymore when I cleaned. Now everything is so clean and white. Just love it.
Have to put in some details.. like the lamp and some accesoires.. .but did not find anything yet that I really liked.. so next week I will look again. Somewhere they will have something in apple green or aqua. Just have to search. Just want some bright colors there.. love that.

Ofcourse I could not clean that much when they were busy.. so what do you do when you have free time....... Right some more scrappin'.
This photo of Fabian is made on the opening of the schoolyear. They have a party called "Zomerfeest" and there is always something nice to do. So he climbed the stuff he never can climb on during schooltime because it is for the older kids.. He just loved it. "Look mummy.. I am strong", he yelled just before I took this picture..... Oh mannn.. do I love this little guy.

The rest of my life really is quiet.. and I like it...

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Selfmade background

Since I saw the DIY tutorial at the blog of Felicitas.. I just love making my own background every now and than. For this picture I just could not find the right paterned paper.. so I thougt I would make it myself.
Got my glimmermist.. my distressinkt and some acrylpaint.. and just started !!! Took some stamps from the lovely Tim Holtz and got some bubblewrappapper..

This is the result.. I was really messed up afterwards.. but it was sooo fun to do. There probably will follow more.. see that I get some more glimmer since my collection is not that big. I just want to practice more.. and experiment some more.. just love this.

Our bathroom is also almost finished.. just wanted to show you a sneak of it. I am really pleased with the result !!

Cannot take a shower tonight because of the wall that has been placed.. but tommorrow morning I will hit that shower for sure. Looking forward to shower at home again. it will be sooo very nice.
It is has been four weeks that I could hit the shower at home !! Friday it will be finished completely with heating in it. That will be so nice in the winter.. no more cold showers... ohhhhh looking forward to that also !!!

vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Made two challenges

Sometimes I really love challenges.. I need it..

This one I made for a challenge at a messageboard I joined not so long ago. They wanted to blow in some new life.. so did a two weekly challenge. This one was.. use a photo with grass on it and also add some extra green. Than I found some old holiday piccies.. and decided these would go well with this challenge. Love they way it turned out.

Than there was a challenge at the scrapdelight blog. This is the sketch..

Just loved it.. so I thought.. let's make it.. and make a kind of spread with the other one.. because the photo's are from the same holiday on the same day. I really enjoyed making it. You could see I am on a roll again.

Here is the pic of the layout..........

For our bathroom.. it finally is getting somewhere.. it is not finished yet.. but we can shower on Sunday.. after more than three weeks.. that is sooo nice. Hopefully they will finish on Tuesday. Than I finally have my house back and clean all the mess. Please keep your fingers crossed.

maandag 6 juni 2011

Tired and wishing it was ready

Since three weeks our bathroom is being renovated. It really is a very small bathroom but somehow it doesn't seem to progress. Just last week when I came home from work ( I went home early somehow) the builder told me we had to little tiles... arrrggggggg... another reason not to get any further. So on Friday hubby and I went to the shop where we bought our tiles to see if they still had some. Lucikly they had.. but the ones from the floor had to be ordered. This wednesday they will come in I hope !!!
So this morning is was waiting for the builder to come.. and he called.. no today there is a problem somewhere else.. they will start again tomorrow. I am just to kind to say.. no... not somewhere else.. at our place. Sooo more delay. I really hope that it will be done at the end of this week. My house looks like a mess all the time.. and showering somewhere else all the time isn't nice either !!

Because of all this I don't seem to get any rest. I keep cleaning ( although it is dirty half an hour later) and mentally I am just tired of everything.

To relax I made this layout last week. The pictures where made in the Zoo in Stuttgart Germany last summer. We had a blast the three of us. It is such a nice Zoo..

vrijdag 3 juni 2011

A bit late.. but it is the last challenge

As you might have noticed we haven't received many entries for Scrappassion last month. It seems that the interest to participate in the Scrappassion blogs isn't there anymore. Combine the lack of interest with some personal things Ria - the founder of the blogs - is dealing with and we can only come to one conclusion: Scrappassion will end on June 30, 2011.

It is a real pitty.. the last three years I really had a blast over there.. but some things just come to an end. Thank you everybody for joying us.. and thanks to all the wonderfull members of the blog.. I really like you all and hope we will see eachother in the future again.

This is my last take for the blog. Please look on Scrappassion for the challenge since I did not saved the picture for inspiration :(

It was fun to be a part of the team.. and now that this door closes.. I hope somewhere there will open an other one for me. That would be so nice. We will see.