zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Glad to have peace and quiet again

Finally our bathroom is ready !! No more working man in my house.. just peace and quiet again. I could not be more happier than I am now. It is sooooo beautifull !! It is fun to get in the shower again. Before we just had an awfull bathroom.. full of dirt that did not want to dissapear anymore when I cleaned. Now everything is so clean and white. Just love it.
Have to put in some details.. like the lamp and some accesoires.. .but did not find anything yet that I really liked.. so next week I will look again. Somewhere they will have something in apple green or aqua. Just have to search. Just want some bright colors there.. love that.

Ofcourse I could not clean that much when they were busy.. so what do you do when you have free time....... Right some more scrappin'.
This photo of Fabian is made on the opening of the schoolyear. They have a party called "Zomerfeest" and there is always something nice to do. So he climbed the stuff he never can climb on during schooltime because it is for the older kids.. He just loved it. "Look mummy.. I am strong", he yelled just before I took this picture..... Oh mannn.. do I love this little guy.

The rest of my life really is quiet.. and I like it...

5 opmerkingen:

Nicky zei

hee joh, wat een mooie layout, prachtig! en ik kan me zo voorstellen dat je zoveel van je jongetje houdt.... ik ken dat gevoel maar al te goed! heerlijk weer rust in je huis, geniet er maar van meid!

Marian zei

Weer zo'n mooie LO. Wat een leuke foto ook zeg.
Is deze ook weer naar een schets gemaakt of naar eigen idee?
Mooie tinten ook.

Liefs, Marian.

Kerstin zei

Danke für Deinen Besuch auf den Narrenhänden Mariska! Hier bei Dir lohnt es sich aber auch hin und wieder reinzuschauen. Man sieht sich also. ;)

Felicitas Klink zei

very cool LO! love the masculine mood ;) xo Felicitas

Janna Werner zei

Mir gefällt auch das Maskuline an diesem LO, aber auch Dein Einsatz von Tags und anderen Details, total klasse! GLG Janna