dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Appli for Creative Scrappers

Ohhhh boy.. I did it.. just send in my application for the Design Team of Creative Scrappers. I just thought.. why not.. when I never give it a try.. I will never get in a Design Team.. so I just send the mail out.. and now.. sit and wait till September 15th when they show us their new members. Would be awesome if I make it ofcourse !!!! But I will not get my hopes up to much. Will be dissapointed anyway when I don't make it.
They have such a great, awesome sketch challenge blog.. just love to make them.

Latley I haven't been productive with things I can show yet.. but here is one that I simply love. This picture is taken by talented Karin.. who is at my dad's rehabclinic. She really makes very nice piccies.. and I ask here if I could use this one. Just loved it.

My dad is really going to good way. He can walk with help of a rollator ( really don't know what this is in english) and he get's better in it every day. Yesterday he even played table tennis. Hopefully he can make his own goal.. getting home for good at the end of September.. that would be sooo great for all of us.

maandag 23 augustus 2010

Nothing much to tell or to show

Lately I haven't been scrapping that much. I seem to have a lack of inspiration. After I came back. To bad.. because I really feel like scrapping. It is just so relaxing. Yesterday I sat down for ten minutes and than it seemed nothing.. so I quit again. Will try if I can make something tonight.

Before I went on holiday I made some stuff. So I can still show something :-))

This photo was made when we were on honeymoon in Eurodisney in 2003. Already 7 years ago. Time really flies. We were in one of the shops in the VIllage and this was in the top of the store. The photo is not really that good.. but just loved it. Still have to scrap a lot of Disney photos so there will follow a lot more I guess.

This is also an old photo. Also about 7 years ago. We went on this hiking tour in Austria. It was so hot that I just couldn't walk any further. So I stayed there and took my peace. It was really quiet.

Not a lot has happened lately. My dad is still going real good. They want him walking in six weeks. Hope they make it. Would be so great. This weekend he was at home for the first time the whole weekend. Came home on friday night and went back on sunday night. That was really great !!

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

Back from holiday

Soo... holidays are over overhere. Fabian is back to school again. Yesterday he really did not want to go. But when he was there.. it was fine again. This morning I saw that they got a chair with their name on it. I did not see that last school year. Maybe it is for the better.. don't why it is.. but it looks ok. Hope it will work out fine. He is kind of a shy guy when he is at school and wants to be friends with everybody. I know that it cannot be.. but he thinks he can. Hope he will be ok. I am always worried about that because of my past at school. Have to get ride of it. I really hope he will never be picked on the way I was.

During my holiday I did some scrapping but I still have to make pictures of it. Today it is a real dark day. It is raining since I woke up. So no good day to make pictures. So you will have to wait till the weather is better. Will do some scrapping today. What else should I do.. the house is clean..

This evening Fabian will have his first swimminglessons. He is very excited and so are we. Ofcourse I will take my camera with me to make some pictures. if they allow me to. Hope he will like it.

Will leave you with a lo I made before I went on holiday.

This are pictures of Queensday here in Holland. We let some balloons go.. and Fabian really had fun.