maandag 23 augustus 2010

Nothing much to tell or to show

Lately I haven't been scrapping that much. I seem to have a lack of inspiration. After I came back. To bad.. because I really feel like scrapping. It is just so relaxing. Yesterday I sat down for ten minutes and than it seemed nothing.. so I quit again. Will try if I can make something tonight.

Before I went on holiday I made some stuff. So I can still show something :-))

This photo was made when we were on honeymoon in Eurodisney in 2003. Already 7 years ago. Time really flies. We were in one of the shops in the VIllage and this was in the top of the store. The photo is not really that good.. but just loved it. Still have to scrap a lot of Disney photos so there will follow a lot more I guess.

This is also an old photo. Also about 7 years ago. We went on this hiking tour in Austria. It was so hot that I just couldn't walk any further. So I stayed there and took my peace. It was really quiet.

Not a lot has happened lately. My dad is still going real good. They want him walking in six weeks. Hope they make it. Would be so great. This weekend he was at home for the first time the whole weekend. Came home on friday night and went back on sunday night. That was really great !!

4 opmerkingen:

Gwendolyn zei

Leuk zeg! Ik vindt de kleuren geweldig. Ik heb dat ook weleens dat er niets uit mijn handen komt. Ach komt vanzelf goed!

Groetjes Gwendolyn

Dora zei

Wat een mooie, en dat het nu niet wil,....tja ik denk dat we dat allemaal weleens hebben en het is gewoonweg vervelend!

Liesbeth zei

Het scrappen komt vanzelf terug... Heb de afgelopen weken ook een dipje gehad en ben weer helemaal "terug" :)
Leuke layouts.
groetjes Liesbeth

Hanneke zei

Ze zijn leuk Mariska!! Enne die inpiratie komt echt wel weert terug hoor, dat weet ik zeker!!!!!
En ik ben zo blij om te horen dsat je vader zo opknapt, ik zal duimen dat hij inderdaad over 6 weken weer loopt, wat zou dat geweldig zijn!!!!