dinsdag 30 november 2010

Long time

It has been a long time since I last blogged. Somehow it seems all crazy or bad things happen this year.. first my dad.. now that he is going good.. crazy things happen at my hubbies job. People got fired and I am sooo glad he wasn't one that got fired. But still things are crazy over there. Strange things are happening.. and ofcourse I cannot talk about it.. because we are not allowed to. But it drives me crazy. It makes me sad. I can defenately say that 2010 is not our year !

The only thing I want is that things calm down. I want to go back to normal.. and have some peace and quiet. I am tired.. do not have much energy.. going in the survival mode for a long time.. it is time that I get out.. but than when I finally try to... something happens again. Ohhh well.. they always say.. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.. so that will be !!!

Scrapping was not on my mind lately.. but I am getting back because it is so relaxing. I can get my mind straight and think about something else. That is nice for a change.

This picture was made when we were in Germany this summer. We were in a Zoo and there they had this giant trees... He really loved going behind them.. when he came out I made this picture.

So a lot going on.. that needs my time. Hope I can be back soon.

vrijdag 12 november 2010

Quiet in the house

I have the afternoon off.. and it is really quiet in the house. My little son is staying over with his grandpartens for two nights.. he was really looking forward to this. Since my dad was very ill and came home, Fabian wants to stay over there every weekend when it comes to him. Not that it is happening.. but every now and than he may. This morning I asked him.. what are you going to do tonight.. his eyes started glowing and said.. I am going to sleep with oma and opa tonight !! It is so sweet to see.

This afternoon off I want to do some scrapping. I saw this great sketch of Ingeborg and I would really like to make that. Start searching for photos and paper and see what comes from it !!

A couple of days ago I also made a layout again. The pic is almost a year old. Fabian turned four and said goodbye at the daycare to go to school. I made a present and put his phot on it. My dad made it.. so when he got ill.. I just could not put myself to it scrapping this photo. Now that he is better I finally scrapped this cute picture.

I made it with the Monster stew collection of Jillybean Soup.. just love it.. So nice for little guys ! Sometimes it is really hard to find cool stuff ( as Fabian says) for little boys.. but hey.. there is always something.

There is a storm going on here in The Netherlands.. I really don't like it when the wind goes so strong. Hopefully it will go by really soon.. and it will gets a bit better weather. Tommorrow Santa Claus ( Sinterklaas) will come to The Netherlands.. and hopefully it will stay dry when we go to the city to welcome him. We will see.

maandag 8 november 2010

Not much scrapping lately

Since we came back from our little holiday I haven't been doin' much scrapping. Only the new challenge for the Scrappassion blog... that is all. Somehow I don't have the time to sit down and relax. Every day I say to myself.. come on..take some time and go scrapping.. but never get to it. Maybe because I have to go upstairs to my little room to do so. It is different. When everyting was downstairs I sat down more often than I do now.. and I really miss it. So have to kick myself and do so. I miss it...

Still have some things I can show.. first the secret scraplift on a messageboard I am a member of.. it was fun. Everyting turned out sooo different.. and not like the orginal lift.

These pictures where made when we were in Germany with my parents in law. There is this beautifull Zoo.. and I just tried with my camera.. just love these.

Tonight we had a talk at Fabian's school to hear how he is doing. It was so good to hear that he finally found his way after his difficult start at the beginning of this year. When my father got so ill it was hard for him to adjust at school because of everything happening around him and ofcourse also with him. He missed my dad like crazy and just could not concentrate on school. Now he is doing so much better.. making friends and learning like crazy. It feels good to see him like this. My little "moppie".

maandag 1 november 2010

New Challenge for November at Scrappassion

New Month new challenge over at Scrappassion. This month the challenge is scrap about yourself. 10 things that make you you. It was really fun to scrap about myself for a change. I normally never do. So now was the time. Used a photo that Fabian made of me. Really like the photo. That is also seldom. Made some labels on one side and put some things about me on it.
The things of me are :
1. mom
2. wife
3. diva
4. friend
5. impatient
6. caring
7. insecure
8. scrappy
9. chocofreak
10. believer

Come on over and join the challenge. It is always fun and we have a nice price to give away !!