vrijdag 12 november 2010

Quiet in the house

I have the afternoon off.. and it is really quiet in the house. My little son is staying over with his grandpartens for two nights.. he was really looking forward to this. Since my dad was very ill and came home, Fabian wants to stay over there every weekend when it comes to him. Not that it is happening.. but every now and than he may. This morning I asked him.. what are you going to do tonight.. his eyes started glowing and said.. I am going to sleep with oma and opa tonight !! It is so sweet to see.

This afternoon off I want to do some scrapping. I saw this great sketch of Ingeborg and I would really like to make that. Start searching for photos and paper and see what comes from it !!

A couple of days ago I also made a layout again. The pic is almost a year old. Fabian turned four and said goodbye at the daycare to go to school. I made a present and put his phot on it. My dad made it.. so when he got ill.. I just could not put myself to it scrapping this photo. Now that he is better I finally scrapped this cute picture.

I made it with the Monster stew collection of Jillybean Soup.. just love it.. So nice for little guys ! Sometimes it is really hard to find cool stuff ( as Fabian says) for little boys.. but hey.. there is always something.

There is a storm going on here in The Netherlands.. I really don't like it when the wind goes so strong. Hopefully it will go by really soon.. and it will gets a bit better weather. Tommorrow Santa Claus ( Sinterklaas) will come to The Netherlands.. and hopefully it will stay dry when we go to the city to welcome him. We will see.

2 opmerkingen:

MirjamC zei

hoi:) leuk dat je een reactie hebt achtergelaten op mijn blog en voor de felicitatie! ik heb even op je blog rondgesnuffeld en vind jou scrapwerk erg mooi...dus ik zet je gauw in mijn blogrol!
mooi verhaal trouwens over je zoontje!
gelukkig was het droog vandaag met de intocht he...althans hier in harderwijk wel!
fijn weekend:)

Hanneke zei

Wat een leuke LO zeg!!! hopelijk heb je lekker kunne scrappen!!!