dinsdag 30 november 2010

Long time

It has been a long time since I last blogged. Somehow it seems all crazy or bad things happen this year.. first my dad.. now that he is going good.. crazy things happen at my hubbies job. People got fired and I am sooo glad he wasn't one that got fired. But still things are crazy over there. Strange things are happening.. and ofcourse I cannot talk about it.. because we are not allowed to. But it drives me crazy. It makes me sad. I can defenately say that 2010 is not our year !

The only thing I want is that things calm down. I want to go back to normal.. and have some peace and quiet. I am tired.. do not have much energy.. going in the survival mode for a long time.. it is time that I get out.. but than when I finally try to... something happens again. Ohhh well.. they always say.. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.. so that will be !!!

Scrapping was not on my mind lately.. but I am getting back because it is so relaxing. I can get my mind straight and think about something else. That is nice for a change.

This picture was made when we were in Germany this summer. We were in a Zoo and there they had this giant trees... He really loved going behind them.. when he came out I made this picture.

So a lot going on.. that needs my time. Hope I can be back soon.

3 opmerkingen:

Gwendolyn zei

Vervelend zeg dat het allemaal niet mee zit. Je moet maar denken 2010 is bijna over, wie weet brengt 2011 meer goede dingen! En je hebt gelijk, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Heel goed om dat voor ogen te houden!

Heel erg veel sterkte!

Liefs Gwendolyn

Ria zei

hm, dat zijn alarmerende berichten Maris!! Gaat ie wel?? Achter elke wolk zit zonneschijn, hopelijk geldt dat vooral voor jullie in 2011....je layout is weer een Maris, fris en vrolijk!

Kia zei


I just stumbled across your blog randomly and I am very gald I did!
Your scrap booking looks amazing.
It is something I used to do a while ago, and would really like to start up again.
Your blog was really interesting to read :)
Kia xx