zondag 27 november 2011

Creative Scrappers #184 reveal

Today it is reveal day again !! Sketch #184 is online now ! Loved this one.. and am sure I am goin' to use it again !

This is this weeks sketch ! What you say about that. I really hope you all gonna join us. That woudl be so very nice :))

Here is what I made of it this time.

Just loved it and could have made some more of it. No problem... so I will make one more with this.

Last week I have been busy preparing project life for 2012. I really got infected. I have seen so much great inspiration online. It is just to bad that the stuff of becky isn't in Europe. Really hope it will get here real soon. But I have some protectors that are also very nice. So started it with them. So let 2012 begin ! I am ready :):)

maandag 21 november 2011

Online Workshop

It has been awhile.. did some scrapping ofcourse.. but just did not have the time to take pictures. I was dark when I got back from work.. and than you just don't get the best pictures.. so this weekend.. I finally took some pictures. Not that the weather is that great. It looks foggy all day.. it just doesn't get real sunny or light.. :((

The last two weeks I did a great online workshop again. Real nice. I already knew a lot of what was thought.. but that did not matter. The sketches and ideas were really nice.. and that was the most important.

This is the first layout I made.. there is another but I did not finish that yet.. and two were not made yet.. but I have the sketches and still can go in the classroom untill the end of November.. so I will be sure to make them.

Now I am also starting up Project Life for 2012. I just fell in love with the idea.. and a group of dutch scrappers are starting all in january.. and I decided to join. I already got the album and some protectors.. so I have some basics already.. decorating a bit already.. so probably in the next days I will have something to show.

zondag 13 november 2011

My first reveal !!!

Today is my first reveal at Creative Scrappers !! I really loved this sketch so I was ready sooo quick !!

Here is the sketch for this week :

How lovely is that.. isn't it !!

This is what I made of it :

These photos of Fabian are made this summer when we were on holiday in Austria ! He really wanted to sit there.. and said to us.. this is not only for girls.. I can also sit there. That was sooo sweet !!
Enjoy the reveal.. take a look what the other girls made with this sketch and we would really love it if you take part in this one !!

vrijdag 4 november 2011

Great day.....

Yesterday I had a great day with my mum, aunts and cousin. We went to a great hobby fair. They show a lot of hobbies.. and ofcourse there is also scrapbooking to show. Not as much as other years I had the feeling. But than on the other side.. my aunts are really in to cardmaking in 3D ( really yuk for me) so it turned out they stoot still at every thing that had 3D and went walking when my mum and I wanted to watch scrapbooking stuff. NOt real nice.. so I am convinced there was more but at a certain time my mum and I just didn't want to ask if they could stop.

Still I bought a little bit of stuff. Made our distress ink collection complete !!! Oh yeah.. we have them all now. Really great !! Bought some nice Snowfall papers from Bo Bunny.. and that was it.. sooo not much at all. Must say.. these days you can find so many things online.. that this shopping is not necessary anymore. A lot of the stores did not have what I wanted.. so will do some online shopping again. And if they had it.. it was a lot more expensive than online.. so why buy it there. I can buy more for the same money online.
But all in all.. it really was a fun day !!

Ofcourse I also have some scrapping to show. This layout I made a while ago for a secret scraplift.. have no clue if it is finished yet.. but since it is sooo long ago, I thought I just will show it. This picture is made in the Stuttgarter Zoo Wilhelma. Just the most beautifull Zoo I ever seen.. with a lot of nice old details. So when we are visiting J├╝rgens parents we normally go there. Fabian is showing here how big he is !!

As you all might know.. I am following the 2 Frollein.. I love their work.. and they are giving another workshop round. So I am in again. They made a great inspiration book.. and for me that was the thing I had to see to get started with something like that. So I did.. when I am on a roll furter.. will show some piccies. NOw they made this great layout with colors.. My hands are icching..so maybe today I can make something with that.

And than this sunday.. the first layouts of the new CT team of Creative Scrappers will go online. Really looking forward to that. For mine you have to wait a week longer. But this team is also very great !!!

woensdag 2 november 2011


Look at this.. our little guy during the summer holiday.. he felt like a little raisin he said ( mama ik lijk wel op een rozijntje)
So... another scrap with his chickenpocks.. he looked sooo cute !!!
Got no title.. just did not now what to do with it.. so.. just one with no title.