maandag 6 juni 2011

Tired and wishing it was ready

Since three weeks our bathroom is being renovated. It really is a very small bathroom but somehow it doesn't seem to progress. Just last week when I came home from work ( I went home early somehow) the builder told me we had to little tiles... arrrggggggg... another reason not to get any further. So on Friday hubby and I went to the shop where we bought our tiles to see if they still had some. Lucikly they had.. but the ones from the floor had to be ordered. This wednesday they will come in I hope !!!
So this morning is was waiting for the builder to come.. and he called.. no today there is a problem somewhere else.. they will start again tomorrow. I am just to kind to say.. no... not somewhere else.. at our place. Sooo more delay. I really hope that it will be done at the end of this week. My house looks like a mess all the time.. and showering somewhere else all the time isn't nice either !!

Because of all this I don't seem to get any rest. I keep cleaning ( although it is dirty half an hour later) and mentally I am just tired of everything.

To relax I made this layout last week. The pictures where made in the Zoo in Stuttgart Germany last summer. We had a blast the three of us. It is such a nice Zoo..

4 opmerkingen:

Ilonka zei

he Maris, wat een onwijs leuke LO! xxx

Marian zei

Ziet er weer super uit joh!!! Prachtige kleuren.


Frences zei

Ik had het al even aangegeven, maar ook hier even een reactie, want vind hem helemaal leuk!!

Groetjes Frences

Janna Werner zei

Mariska, the layout is so cool, love the way you added details and placed them! Have a lovely weekend, Janna