vrijdag 2 december 2011

Familie fotoshoot

Two weeks ago we had a family fotoshoot. My dad really wanted to have some pictures of the 5 of us. Since we never had them. Now that he has been really sick he realized he really wanted this !
We had fotos of Fabian taken last year by a girl my dad knew from his rehab last year. She really makes very nice piccies. So we asked her if she could make fotos of us. She said yes.. and it took awhile before we could make fotos. Once it was cancelled because of rain.. than my dad became his new hip..and so on.. but two weeks ago on saturday it finally was the day ! The sun was shinning and we were really lucky.. because the last two saturday's were really bad.

I wil show you one foto of us.. the files are so large that I would have to compress them to show.. and since I am not so handy.. I will only show one.

It is so nice to have these.. so you will see them come by on a scrap.

Nothing scrappy to show today. The weather was so dark that the foto's I took really turned out bad. And I cannot show them. So when it is a bit better.. will make foto's. The deadline for Creative Scrappers is coming up also. Have the layout ready.. but not a good foto of it yet. So hopefully I can make that today !

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