woensdag 28 juli 2010

Finally !

Finally I have a new lens on my camera.. it was broken so I could not take new piccies of the stuff I made lately.
Now I have put them all on and can show you a lot of my work I made lateley... so overload on photos this time I think

These photos are made when we were on honeymoon almost seven years ago. We do not care for long distance travel so we went to EuroDisney for our honeymoon. It was really nice and we want to go back with Fabian some day.

Here an old photo of my mum and my uncle when they were younger. Really love those old photos

A picture made also almost seven years ago when Juergen climed a high mountain with my dad, uncle and Rudi ( an old friend of ours from Austria)

Some years ago we made a 30 km long hike in the moutains of the Czech Repulic with a whole group. Ofcourse the whole group had to go on the photo for memories later. It was a hard and cold hike.. but beautifull

3 opmerkingen:

Gwendolyn zei

Gave LO's zeg! Ik vindt vooral die van Euro Disney erg leuk!

Groetjes Gwendolyn

Ria zei

jij bent heerlijk bezig geweest maris! en geweldig dat je weer een lens hebt en mooie foto's kan maken....

Hanneke zei

Yay eindelijk een nieuwe lens!! En wat een moois weer Mariska!!