zondag 18 juli 2010

Got an award !!

This award I became from Michelle. Really sweet of you girl !! I could use it. Should give it to people with a special reason. But the people I could think off already have it.
So it is for all the people that know for them themselves they deserve it.

Lately I did a secret scraplift on the SYM messageboard. Now we are all through and I can show the lo that I made. It is about my grandma. She isn't with us anymore for several years now. Still miss my grandmams ( both of them) I find it a very nice picture of her.

Today is a special day for us. My dad can come home for a several hours. The first time since six months. It will be great. Finally he will be in his own home again. Although it is only for some hours. For sure there will float some tears.. but think that is only normal. We will do some BBQ because the weather is also very nice. Hopefully from now on he can come home more often. That would be so nice !!

Edit: somehow I cannot get the picture in any other way.. sorry !!!!

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Ria zei

meis wat lees ik nu..je vader een paar uurtjes naar huis! Wat fijn!! zo komt er echt vooruitgang in Maris..en je layout is top!