vrijdag 30 juli 2010


For sometime we really had some hot weather overhere... I just was in the mood than to make a real summer lo. It was to hot outside to do something.. so I stayed inside because it was better there. These pictures were taken last year when we were on holiday in Austria. Fabian really love to play with water when it is hot and run around with a naked upperbody. When the sun shines he thinks he can do it.. even when it is not that warm. Funny little guy.

Today I have a day with peace and quiet. Fabian is with his grandma and Juergen is painting the outside of the house. So really nice here inside. No one who wants something from me. I really like that every now and than.

Tonight I will visit my dad. He is going so good. Was at home already two sundays and this sunday he will come home again. I really hope that in the near future he can come home for the whole weekend. That would be so great. He really works hard and the doctors are really statisfied with how he is doing. Now he can come in his wheelchair and out of it on his own with a kind of slide. He can also get in the car with this slide so we can get him ourself with the car and not depend on the wheelciartaxi. Let's hope he can come home forever real soon. It is already seven months now almost.

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Gwendolyn zei

Mooie LO! En lekker joh zo'n dagje rust. Geniet er maar lekker van!

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