woensdag 7 juli 2010

Orange dude

Here a picture of my son on Queens Day here in Holland. It is tradition that childeren can let balloons up in the morning. This year we went for the first. Now he is 4 years old and big enough to do such things. He made a hat at school and got a thing that makes noise.. so... off we were. He got two balloons and was so happy. Really love this photo. It looks like he has real big ears because he pulled his hat down so far that his ears became really silly. He is a real orange dude !!!!

Furter.. my life isn't that exciting in the moment. My son has schoolholiday and we are relaxing when I am not working. Meaning.. he plays outside a lot.. and mom does what she has to do.. some household and after that when I want to some scrapping or so. Tommorrow wiil be a whole of scrapping at my moms !! That really is a long time ago. We did not do that since my dad came in the hospital 6 months ago. So we are looking forward to that. Will be nice.

2 opmerkingen:

Liesbeth zei

Leuk geworden!
groetjes Liesbeth

Michelle zei

Ik had algezegd dat ik hem leuk vond.
Heerlijk LO met je mannetje.
Er staat wat op mijn blog voor je.
Kus Michelle