vrijdag 10 september 2010

Last entry Creative Scrappers

This lo I also made for the submission of Creative Scrappers. Just cannot get enough of their sketches. They just are so lovely. At home I have another one lying on my desk. Need to take a picture of it so I can place it on my blog. But the last couple of days it is really rainy here in HOlland... so the pictures that I took are really horrible. This weekend they finally expect some nice weather so hopefully I can take one than !! That would be nice. It is made with their latest sketch.
Probably I won't make it to their team.. but I still dream of making it. Would be tooo awesome !!!

I have been productive with scrapping.. but because of the reason above I cannot show more at the time. So there will follow more.

My dad is really going strong. He is already climbing stairs now with help of crutches and that really goes well. He even walked without help from anything and that is really going the right way. He wants to get home at the end of this month. We are sooo hoping he will make it. When that happens he was almost away for 9 months. A real long time to be away from home ofcourse. But we are sooo glad he still is with us. It could have been so different. Glad that is not the case. Now life is different too.. but that doesn't matter.. we adjust quiet quick.

Fabian is going good also. He has a blast at school and that is so important. Yesterday he was the helping hand of the teacher. They get little things to do.. like giving out the drinks and foods in the morning and so on. He really enjoys that. He got a sticker on his head and kept it there all day long. Sooo cute. Love to like at him when he is that way !!

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Gwendolyn zei

Gave LO Mariska!

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Hey Maris, geweldige LO weer!! En je weet nooit, niet opgeven!! Wat fijn dat je vader zo vooruit gaat!!!