woensdag 26 mei 2010

Some days......

I am doing something I am not supposed to do. Blogging at work. I am sitting all alone in my department.. nobody here. Soooo lonely. That really is not nice. I really don't like it. But I am glad it does not happen that often.
So to get my mind of thing.. just do some blogging. Lately I have made some lo's but there are I few I cannot show because they are for some challenges. You have to be patient to see them. Others.. I still have to make some pics of them.

This one I can show. Fabian tried to ride.. but he did not know how. But with some patience he made it. So cute in my eyes.

My dad is getting better everyday. He is now waiting so that he can go to the rehabilition clinic. Hopefully there will be a space soon. That is closer to coming home again. I really want him home again. He can go downstairs now when they put him in a wheelchair. So that is a big change for him. But ofcourse.. he also want to go home. So let's cross our fingers that it can happen soon. Life can go back to "normal" even though it probably never will be the same again.

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Hanneke zei

Hij is echt heel schattig!! Maar heeft hij dat nou zelf uitgevogeld zonder hulp van jou of je man??? Knap hoor, ik heb zowat een maraton gelopen om de jongens te leren fietsen, pfffft was een hele beproeving!!

Ik zal voor je duimen dat je vader snel weer naar huis mag!!!

Tot Zaterdag!!