maandag 3 mei 2010

New challenge Scrappassion

New month, new challenge. On the Scrappassion blog we have a new challenge. This month I was the one to came up with one. I wanted a challenge that was not too difficult. So I came up with..
Use white cardstock for the background, Use a borderpunch, stars ( not in the paper) and a pic of 13x18 cm. The above is what I made of it.
I thought it was fun and not so difficult this time. That is also nice sometimes.

You really did not found me blogging a lot lately. My dad is still in the hospital and it takes almost all my energy. In the evenening I just want to sit.. watch tv or just surf the internet doing nothing important.
This thursday he will get a woundclosing operation and we hope we have it all behind us then. He is nervous for it.. and so are my mum and I. But I am positive it will go ok.

3 opmerkingen:

Liesbeth zei

Leuke layout!
En sterkte met je vader.
groetjes Liesbeth

Ingeborg Dijkstra- Verbeek zei

Sterkte met je vader, Maris ... ik hoop dat zijn ziekbed inderdaad snel achter jullie ligt. Bedankt ook voor de challenge van deze maand, liefs,

Hanneke zei

Hele leuke challenge en dat is ook wel te zien aan de inzendingen!!! ik vind je LO helemaal leuk!!

Heel veel sterkte donderdag, ik zal aan je denken!!!