zondag 16 mei 2010

Going strong

Days fly.. like never before. We had four days off.. and now only the afternoon and evening are still left. Where did time go ????!!!!

My dad is going strong. He is getting stronger everyday. That is really good to see. Now he is waiting to go to the clinic to learn to walk again. It will be hard work for him.. but he really wants to so that is good. Motivation is ofcourse everything. Hopefully there will be a space soon !!

Lately I have done some scrapping to. My mood is getting back and I love to scrap in my little room upstairs. I made a great box for a collegaue of mine for his wedding but the album in it still has to be made. So nothing to show there.
Than I already finished the next challenge for the Scrappassion blog.. but.. you have to wait till I can show that.

My mom gave my some wonderfull old piccies of my family. Was thrilled. This one is from my dad on his sisters wedding.

Really like this photo. He looks so cute there. At his side is his niece. So no romance at that young age :-))

Than I finally scrapped some piccies of Fabian when we were on holiday in Belgium. The photos aren't that good but I just had to scrap them.

Yesterday we had a birthday of a collegaue of Jurgen. He celebrated his 25 b-day. Was very nice.. but I was really glad he had a room for us so we could stay to sleep. Was really nice. But also glad to be home again.
Now I am going to enjoy the rest of the sunday that is left over !!

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Monique zei

Prachtige l.o.'s!!
Mooi naturel!!

Liefs monique

Hanneke zei

Goed om te horen dat het goed gaat met je vader, wat een opluchting moet dat zijn!!!
En wat een mooie LO's heb je weer gemaakt, leuk die foto van je vader, heerlijk om die foto's te scrappen toch?
Groetjes Hanneke