vrijdag 7 mei 2010

Operation behind us.. and some more to show

Finnally the wound closing operation of my dad is behind us. It went very well and he feels good he says. That is so very nice to hear. After four months it is time that we can start to heal and than get him up and going again. It is so nerv racking. Never thought it would be that hard.
I notice that I really get very tired now that he is doing better. At my work I feel tired all the time and there is nothing coming out of me. Yeah there is.. but it should be more in my eyes. Think I just need some time off. Maybe Jurgen and I can get some time off at the end of the month. Just see how things will go with dad than. I really don't want my mom to be alone. She really needs the support. It is so hard on her to. You can see how tired she is in her face. And though she keeps going. I really admire that in her !!

Meanwhile I also did some scrapping.. although it goes slow. I need hours or days to get a layout done. Nothing for me.. since I am not such a slow scrapper. But every now and than my inspiration seems to be out. Yesterday evening I got some stuff downstairs ( I try to scrap in my " scraproom") but only the photos and one paper are on the cardstock.. maybe tonight I get some more done. Who knows.

Here are some things to show.

This is an old piccie of my grandparents I got from my mom. I really love old piccies. Got some more...

And here is my little sweetie. Used a photo of the shoot we did of him last year May. They are so great. He was a bit afraid of the sheep.. but still sat down. My brave hero.

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Hanneke zei

Wat fijn om te horen dat de operatie goed is gegaan, wat een opluchting!! Ik kan me voorstellen dat je moe bent, meestal als er wat meer rust is besef je pas hoe moe je bent!! Neem je tijd en een paar vrije dagen zou inderdaad niet gek zijn!!!

Mooie LO's weer, mooie vintage foto en die van je kleine boef is heel schattig!!
Fijn weekend!!