zondag 30 mei 2010

Scrappassion CT Call and CT Meeting

Yesterday we had our very first CT meeting from the Scrappassion blog. We never met eachother before. The only one I knew was Ria.. the rest I only knew from the blog and from the emails we send. So it was nice to finally see them in real life. I wasn't nervous at all. NOrmally I am when I meet "new" people.. but it all went so nice and easy. The girls are all very nice.. and just what I expected somehow.
We really did some nice cropping and talking and also some brainstorming for the blog for the future. We really came up with some very nice ideas. So keep looking at our blog to find out what !!!!

We also have a CT call going for one more CT member. I could be you ofcourse. It would be really nice if you would give it a try and become a member of our team. Just take a look at our blog to see what it takes to make a change. I am looking forward to see what you all made.

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het was gisteren echt geweldig!!!