dinsdag 22 juni 2010

CT member search and new work !!

We at scrappassion are looking for 1 CT member... unfortunately you must be from The Netherlands or from Belgium. Please take a look at this post and give it a try. We are really a nice group of women and love to be creative. It would be so nice if you could be a team member.

Lately I have been creative again. And I can show some stuff. I really tried some vintage.. I like what it became. Althought it is not my specialty. But that does not matter.

It is an old picture of my mum. They did not own this bike but everybody in the neighbourhood was on the bike. So this is a special memory for my mom. Really loved it when I got this photo.

I also found some old holiday pictures. Again you see my mum. We were walking and found this ruine. Love this picture of my mom.

There is more to show but I think I will save that for another post. Always nice to have pictures in a blogpost.
My dad is getting stronger everyday. So good to see. Yesterday he told that he can get his legs outside the bed himself but cannot get him self complety up yet. But that will come to. It makes me happy that things are going in the right direction. He is full of spirit ad tries his best. That is a real good thing.

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Ria zei

Je vintage layout is echt goed gelukt Maris!! De andere is ook mooi, zijn herinneringen voor later.

Hanneke zei

Jee wat is je vintage LO goed gelukt zeg, hij is echt mooi geworden en die andere is ook prachtig!!!