maandag 16 mei 2011

Gonna do it

I saw the design team call of Creative Scrappers.. and I decided to give it a try again.. so I am did my best to make something beautifull..
I know there will be many with me that will try to get on the Creative Team.. but I thought.. if I am not gonna try.. I will never make it. I really like there sketches and love to make them...
So it will be an honour if I will make the team.. not expecting anything.. because I would be to dissapointed if I would not make it.

Here is one layout I send in.. made it this weekend with their sketch #151 That was such a nice one.

This is my little son playing Indiana in the catwalk at school ! It was so nice to see him this way. He was a little shy but hey.. it is strange when many people are looking at you.

2 opmerkingen:

Marian zei

Wat ontzettend goed van je om het gewoon te proberen. Wat maakt het uit gewoon lekker doen toch.
Je LO is super mooi geworden dus je maakt echt wel kans hoor! Hele mooie kleuren weer.
I love it! Ik zal voor je duimen!


Gwendolyn zei

Heel erg leuk is ie en ik zal voor je duimen!