vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Project Life week 3

Finally I have the time to share week three that I have finished awhile ago. Just did not take the time to take photo's because we had such lovely winter weather overhre. There was snow.. and we could go iceskating. Yeaaahhh.. we are dutch we looove iceskating.

The last week there was a lot going on if we could have anohter Elfstedentocht ! Typical dutch skating tour going through 11 little cities in the north and a length of 200 km. Crazy maybe but a great tradition. But Wednesday the word came out. Not enough growth of the ice that let it happen. All of the Netherlands dissapointed.. the last one was in 1997. So 15 years back. Would have been soo nice if it had happened again.

Now to project life again. Week three was again about christmas preps and so on. Jürgen put our Christmas star outside for the rirst time. It was soo nice to see it light in the evening ! Just lovely.

I keep on changing my style.. since I see sooo many nice stuff on the www of all.. and some things I really like a lot.. want to put more in it.. so will see in the coming weeks if I can do that too.. and still like it.

Side one... Hanging out the star... playing wII before dinner.. swimming lessons from Fabian.. just normal stuff for us in a normal week.
WII playing is reallly hot from time to time. Fabian get to play half an hour till an hour if he wants too. If I don't set this timlimited he would be playiing all day long.. should not be ofcourse. Since we have soo many games.. you really can play all day long. Sometimes in the evening have the feeling to play.. and really could play all night long. Love to play Just Dance.. even when I suck on it.. it does not matter.. it is fun !

The other side has a piccie of my workoffice. Around Christmas all the christmas lights are up and we have tons of wrong decorations. That really is so nice.. everything you don't want to have at home..we put on here. The room is lighted only by Christmaslights. Specially early in the morning it is soo nice to see ! So cozy.. and you get a special feeling when you walk in. Always sad when we take off again.

Jürgen building his christmas village is also in there.. He is really passionate about that.. and it always turns out great. You will probably see a piccie of the finished one also.

Will try to make photo's of week 4 and 5 soon.. since I also got them finished already !

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Piglet zei

What does the little man like to play on the wii? *curious* I have wii at home, but I don't use it that much. I do wii fit occasionally, and A. and I happen to play Super Mario at times, but it usually ends with us being very frustrated *lol*

em zei

I love the clear elements! So cool! I don't think I'm brave enough to try that...

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