donderdag 2 februari 2012

Project Life week 2

To be honest.. I am really far behind on my project life.. I started already in december.. and just recently made week 3... oops.. But I love it and don't want to give my any pressure. it should be fun.. and it is fun ! Never thought a project like this could give me so much fun and I would take that many photo's of our daily life. Alway said nothing much is happening in our lives but it appears that there is a lot goin'on in my life !

Everything of Fabian is documented and I even keep the silliest things about him. That really is sooo nice. So I will keep going althought I don't know if I will post bravely every week about project life. I want to try to write more on my blog.. more about my life and not just post what I made this time. That is nicer to read for everyone and for myself. More attractive. I loved to write letters.. and they always turned out really long.. so why not tell more about life on my blog.

Now first to the second week of my Project Life. The piccie will be the wrong way around. Don't ask me why it isn't the normal way up, but it seems blogspot doesn't want to place it that way. It is the right way on my computer, so really silly.

This was a pretty boring week.. :)) Did not do very much.. and I really failed to make a lot of colour in it. Really want to change that. Really love the picture of the teabag. I am a very big teafan.. have a lot of flavours and when I saw this, I just knew it was perfect for the project. Than you see my lappie on the couch.. the place where I like to hang out and do some surfing on the net. My hubby cooking dinner every evening. I really want to see if I can change with futher weeks and put something on the photo's too. Make it more mine. Have to get use to it still.

Here is the other side of this week. Fabian sent out his invation for his birthday party. Since he is a very big Cars fan.. he really wanted these. I was glad to get one too and saved it for the project. He was so excited to spread them It was his first one with friends from school.
One that could not fail in here.. is our little rabbit called Hobbel. He is already 9 years old, and that is a huge age for a little rabbit. So he should be in.
Than you also see abit about our christmas deco.. How Fabian helped me. It is hard to read when you are not dutch because journaling in also in Dutch.

I really hope you like my project life. It is real fun. Wanted to score some Becky Higgins products yesterday. But the prices turned out to be so incredable high that I won't do it. It is a real pitty, but the shipping and TAX are out of proportions, so have to find another way to get my hands on it. Grrr.. it not nice because I really want them. Well let see what there will come on my way.
Be back soon with week 3.

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