maandag 30 januari 2012

Project Life

I am really busy catching up with my project life.. I really like it and take photos like crazy. Week three is finished now.. but I started at the beginning of december already.. so have a lot of cacthing up to do. No worry.. will catch up.. and will not put any pressure on me.
Still have to make a photo of what I made of week 2 and 3 .. but the weather was dark overhere.. so the pictures where nothing. So this week they promised us some nice sunny and cold weather.. so will show it this week !

The only problem I have, is printing out the journaling cards on the right size. I really struggle with them.. but I think I found away ! Would be time.. because I collected many free printables online.. but could not print them. Now the printer at home is not going.. so... printables are not on my good side yet. But that will come. My hubby already said.. if he ( the printer) is not going to work.. we will buy a new one !! So.. the struggle does not continue much longer I hope !

Hopefully the Becky Higgins products will arrive soon at because I really want them. They are soooo yummy.. so maybe I go slow because I am waiting for these :))

Now that I am doing this I noticed that my life is not as boring as I thought. Well not boring.. but I was afraid I won't have enought to put in the project life. But that isn't the case at all. Yesterday my man went to the swimmingpool and hubby saved the ticket of the pool !!! It is for your project he said ! How good it that ! He is thinking about it too. Really like that.

Also see nice ideas with other people I would love in mine project too.. so collecting more and more ideas. Just love it.

This morning we got up.. and we had some snow the first time this winter ! How lovely is that. We waited for this. It is turning cold finally also. We had a lot of rain overhere and that really is soooo boring. You cannot go outside than, I really hate to get wet !
Took a piccies of my son in the snow this morning. He really loves snow. Cutiepie !

Now I am at work.. it is not so busy.. so I had the time to blog. Not happens often.. soo.. now I am off.. to do some work again. Will be back this week to show how I did my PL the last two weeks !

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