woensdag 18 januari 2012

Project Life

Overhere in the Netherlands Project Life has taken a growth like you cannot imagine. It is so nice to see all the ladies here inspiring each other and keep eachother going.
It is now a group of 125 ( I believe) who are together doing this. There are probably more.. but they are not all in this group.. or don't know from the group. I really like being there. Seing what other make.. sharing ideas... just lovely.

Just now I finally made my week one. I already started on November 30. 2011.... I got my little photoprinter and can print when ever I want.. and that is just so lovely ! Like that a lot !

First I want to show you all the front of my album ... I was inspired by Janna Werner.

Still have to paint the inside of the album.. but that will come at a later time. Not that important right now :)

The first page is about us.. as a family.. with parents also in it because they really play a big part in our life.

And than the first week. I am still not completely happy... but that will be on the way. I have some great Ali journaling cards.. but cannot seem to get them on the right size to print them out for my album. I keep trying.. and it will be ok one day.. just don't know when. I get frustrated because I really want them in my PL.. maybe I need to get some help from friends or so..

I put some drawing from Fabian in.. that is so nice to have for later. Finally a good place to save them. Will not put everyting in he makes.. that really will be to much. But every now and than will be good.
So this was my first week.. more will follow soon !!!!

5 opmerkingen:

Gwendolyn zei

Ziet er echt superleuk uit! Enne het is inderdaad een leuke groep zoals we die nu hebben!

Liefs Gwendolyn

Sarale zei

Schöne PL-Werke!



Piglet zei

Your album looks really cool, my sweet little Ladybird :) Tell me more about project life, is it supposed to make you collect more little memories, or what?

I would like to get a photo printer of some sort too. I don't really do photo scrapbooking, but ... it would be nice to journal photos now and then ... not only in my blog, I mean. But we'll see --- I read about a page where you can turn your blog into a book and get it printed, maybe that is more for me :)

Miranda zei

Ziet er super leuk uit allemaal!!!

Janna Werner zei

Hallo Mariska! Wunderbar buntes Project Life! Toll anzusehn <3 LG Janna