dinsdag 3 januari 2012

First Mixed Media Canvas

I saw awesome stuff online from Chrissy Tomlinson.. just sooo nice.. and she had a tutuorial.. and I just had to try it. So after work I went to buy some stuff.. and my mum also had some stuff that I could use.
Since my colleaugue has become a dad again I thought it would be nice to make him and his wife something for the little girl.
So I started.. and I love the result !! I will try this more often for sure. It is such fun to do !!
I also saw it with Felicitas and Janna.. two very talented ladies from Germany.. sometimes you just have to do it.

The photo really is not briljant but with all the rain we have over here these days I don't think I will get a better one.

Today it is really stormy all day. The wind is going like crazy and every now and than the rain comes down real hard. NO fun at all. Glad that I don't have to leave the house today. So.. did some stuff for my project life.. like pimping my album. Not finished yet.. so be patient. Have to order the photo's also and adjust some page protectors but cannot get our sewingmachine to work. so I have to ask my hubby. Really not handy with that. So as soon as I can make a normal nice picture of it all I will do !

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This is a really cute scrapbook.