vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Project Life week 4

Finally I am here again with an update of project life. It took me some time to get in gear again. And now I some weeks to show but will do that in parts. It would be an overload if I do that in one time. Way to heavy on pictures.

This is my week four.. I started at the end of November.. so I am not on the roll of weeks like others. It is the week short before Christmas. And like anyone else.. we never make many pictures with Christmas. Christmas is sitting down with family.. play a game.. have nice conversations.. and forget to make pictures :))

First .. the show of the two sides together :

I used some Simple Stories paper for this week.. nothing for me.. normally I find these really to dark. Am a bright paper liking girl. So this was a challenge for me. But I think I managed really well working with it.

THis is the first page ...

We were busy writing our christmascards.. late as ever. Fabian also wanted to write some for his friends at school. The class gives eachother cards.. and he decided this year he wanted to give all kids a card. So we bought some cards ( not to expensive) to give out. He really enjoyed writing them.
HE also had to made a drawing for the teacher who was leaving the class to study furter. So busy .. for mom but also for Fabian. I made something for the teacher to remember the kids.. they all had to make a drawing and write some things about theirselves. Made a map to put it in .. so she can remember them all.

This details show my DH making raviolli for the first time with a gift he got for Sinterklaas. He really wanted to try it. Kitchen was a mess.. but it worked out.. and it tasted really nice ! Sure he will do this more often. Will buy the stuff for it this weekend.. than he can make some more yummies !!

It was a nice week ... as almost every week overhere. I cannot complain about my/our life. As for project life.. I really enjoy it !! It is so fun. That I am behind.. it is not a problem. Just love it.
Today I got the Clementine Core kit from Becky Higgins.. and some page protectors Desgin A will be on the way soon. Just looooove the kit ! It is so nice. So will use it in the next weeks. Just be patient to see it.. have more weeks without it to show !

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Miranda zei

Ziet er super leuk uit!!!

em zei

I STILL haven't sent my Christmas cards. Yikes. ;)

Looks great!! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!