vrijdag 9 september 2011

Germany scrapps

There is a german online workshop goin' on.. and since I like Felicitas and Janna and really want them to have sucess I signed up. Really was sooo excited to see what they came up with. And I can tell you.. it is great !! It is a basic workshop but I still see things that I learn !

First theme was how you make a layout and the basics.. and a great sketch with it. This is what I came up with :

The second theme was about placing photos and how to use it. Always good to see how others think of that.. and I also saw some nice new things ! You can always learn from eachother. And ofcourse a great sketch again !!! This my take on that one :

There are still two more to go with two sketches.. I am sooo curious what they made of that... so ... next week.. some more about Deutschland Scrappt !!!

3 opmerkingen:

Felicitas Klink zei

oh you're so so sweet :D
thanks for your kind words about "Deutschland Scrappt".
Love your layouts and i'm looking forward to see the others ;)

xo Felicitas

Sarale zei

Two wonderful layouts!



creafamily zei

Twee prachtige LO's!
Ik wil de volgende online natuurlijk ook be there!
Veel groeten uit Duitsland