woensdag 17 augustus 2011


As you know I just loooove the sketches of Creative Scrappers. Also tried two times to get in the team.. but unfortunately did not make it. But that does not mean I will give it up :))
This sketch (sketch 167) I also loved but took me a bit longer to make it ! I just could not decide what foto's to use for it.
Finally I found some old piccies of my dad and decided I would use those !

Although they are old piccies I decided not to scrap them in vintage colors but in yellow and green, because I liked it so much ! Think it turned out nice ! Just love this one myself ! :)

There are more sketches of Creative Scrappers comin' finally get to it to make them.

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ScrapsEls zei

Via de site van creative scrappers hier terecht gekomen. Prachtige layouts die je maakt! Zeker niet opgeven voor het design team!