maandag 19 maart 2012

Project Life week 8

Still behind.. but still goin' strong. Still not tired of it. Almost there.. and than get to do it weekly.. but if I can post on Monday or Tuesday.. no clue yet. Monday are working days for me.. so don't think will make it than. Well.. we will see. Not to worry about that right now.

This is this weeks spread... just love the paper of MME.. just so full of lovely colours.. it makes me happy to look at.

I did not had to many piccies this week.. but that is not what it is all about. It was all about normal life. Grocery bill from the whole week.. piccie of our refregarator.. full after shopping.. Fabian playing behind the computer.
And he made this cute card.. saying to me it should in his saving pot.. the money he got from my parents.. so I could not forget.. so cute.

Than this week Fabian also got his racingtrack from Carrera.. ofcourse the Cars 2 theme.. he could not live without it. He really adores it.
Than I bought him so new pj's !! He really likes those too.

Than with had the first frost that week. The photo you see is not from me. I got to use it from Marjan who I talk to at a messageboard I read. I found the picutre sooo beautifull that I just had to ask her to use it.
So no real big stories about this week. But it was a lovely week !!!!

4 opmerkingen:

Kelli zei

oh my I love your title cards, so much detail and your handwriting (I'm assuming it's yours and you didn't type it out) is GORGEOUS and so neat! LOVE THAT!

Tamara zei

oooh leuke week met papier van MME.. xx Tamara

April zei

lovely pages...the color scheme is great!

April zei

oh and your title card 'rocks my socks' :)